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Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back with a Mommy Makeover

Having a baby is a wonderful experience and time – being pregnant and waiting for baby to come, then finally meeting your baby and bringing them into the world! A few months after giving birth however, most moms start to think about feeling good about their appearance. Motherhood is busy time and it’s nice to feel good about your body so you can enjoy everything even more – from trips with baby to the beach, to just taking a nice family walk. This is why a lot of women are now getting ‘mommy makeovers’ have done to get their pre-baby bodies back.

So what exactly is a mommy makeover? There is not one procedure that is always done, but procedures done on the breasts and abdominals usually to get back into shape. Some of the combinations include:

  • A tummy tuck, lipo and breast augmentation
  • A tummy tuck, lipo and breast lift with or without implants
  • A tummy tuck with lipo and a breast reduction

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck procedure involves making an incision around the bikini line. The skin is then pulled tautly and any excess trimmed away. This makes that sagging skin and leftover bump go away, when exercise and diet won’t.


Liposuction uses a small vacuum-like device to remove fat from a desired are. In this case it is normally the abdominals, getting rid of any leftover weight on the stomach.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation adds implants to the breasts to increase their size, and give them a lift. The procedure can help lift and firm chests that have sagged from weight gain and breastfeeding.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is done by lifting the skin of the breasts so that they are restored to a more youthful position. It can also be combined with either a breast augmentation or reduction.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is done with a breast lift to reduce the size of breasts, which can sometime grow larger during pregnancy. This can make your body appear unbalanced, or cause back pain.

By combining any of these procedures and targeting your post pregnancy trouble zones, you can get back that great looking body you had pre-pregnancy, and spend more of your time enjoying your newest family members!

When people envision getting a tummy tuck they automatically assume that liposuction is performed during the procedure to remove excess fat and help contour the stomach. However, most tummy tucks do not require or include liposuction. Liposuction can be performed during the tummy tuck but it must be discussed with your surgeon beforehand.

Why? If performed during a surgery that has gone on too long, liposuction can actually be dangerous, leading to excessive blood loss. Deciding whether you want to receive liposuction during your surgery is up to you, but don’t be surprised if your surgeon suggests doing two procedures instead of both at once. He or she is just looking out for your health and giving you the smartest option for your body.

A full tummy tuck surgery can sometimes take three, four, even five hours to perform. Skin must be slowly and carefully tightened while excess is trimmed off, and the belly button repositioned and shaped. Depending on the patient’s body, this can go on for quite a while. If your surgery takes four hours, for example, your surgeon is not likely to add the time needed to perform the liposuction, due to safety concerns.

Many tummy tucks do successfully include liposuction, particularly for people at a healthy weight who will require shorter surgery times. If you would like to get liposuction done during your tummy tuck to help get rid of small amounts of excess fat, speak with your surgeon. He or she will be able to tell you whether that is a realistic expectation or not. Typically liposuction is performed first when there are multiple cosmetic surgeries, so that skin can be formed over the new body shape tightly.

When considering tummy tuck surgery, many people are opting for a mini tummy tuck rather than a traditional full tummy tuck. If you’re considering tummy tuck surgery to reduce your stomach ‘pooch,’ or to firm up some sagging skin, a mini tuck may sound more tempting and easy. But the best way to make that decision is to take into consideration how your body currently looks and your desired results from the procedure.

A full tummy tuck is a procedure that can last anywhere from 1-5 hours. It is ideal for people who have lost a lot of body weight and have a fair amount of excess skin, or for those close to, or at an ideal weight who would like to get rid of their extra tummy ‘pooch.’ It requires an incision between the pubic hairline and belly button, and another around the belly button. Excess skin is pulled down and trimmed off, while the belly button is positioned in order to look natural. During a tummy tuck you can also elect to have liposuction done, but this will be at the discretion of your surgeon depending on how long the tummy tuck takes.

A mini tummy tuck is ideal for people who are at an ideal body weight with little or no sagging skin. It is done with just one incision between the belly button and pubic bone, then the lower skin is pulled down to tighten the abdominal area. A mini tummy tuck like a full one, may also include liposuction.

Whatever procedure you opt for, be sure to speak with your surgeon first to discuss what will be best for you and your body.

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