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body contouring the woodlands

Beyond the Mini Tummy Tuck – A Modified Mini Tummy Tuck

Many women have been opting to get mini tummy tucks performed to get rid of thy small amount of excess skin on the lower abs that never seems to go away. While a mini tuck can get rid of his skin in most women, sometimes a little extra work is needed. In this case, instead of having to go through a full tummy tuck, you might consider Dr. Cortes Modified Mini Tummy Tuck.

A Modified Mini Tummy Tuck can go beyond what a mini tummy tuck does in a number of ways.

Muscle repair

Many women, especially after pregnancy, will experience muscle weakening of the lower clog pod to the pubis. This can result in a stomach paunch that won’t go away, simply because the muscles no longer activate. By repairing the muscle, you can once again expect your stomach to bounce back and recover. Excess skin is also removed to achieve flat abdominals.

Belly Button Repositioning

If more than usual excess skin is present, your belly button can be repositioned in order to give you a shorter lower abdomen, which in turn will allow you have a smaller scar.


Both can also be done of course along with the skin tightening procedure of a mini tummy tuck to give you the best results possible. This all depends on the current shape your body is in, and how long your torso is. Repositioning a belly button on a short torso would look unnatural.

These things all together, if needed, can not only fix the problem on the outside, but correct it properly from the inside out, giving you strength and even correcting posture besides great looking abs! If you want to get the best possible procedure, be sure to ask for more and call for a consultation with Dr. Cortes to see how a Modified Tummy Tuck can give you amazing results.

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