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body contouring the woodlands


Wouldn’t it be just great to jump from the delivery room week4straight into the plastic surgery clinic and have a tummy tuck on the same day? Many women experience a feeling of desperation and sometimes even get depressed over the appearance of their bodies immediately after giving birth. We are talking here mainly about women who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, although even those who didn’t put on too many kilograms can be disappointed with the different look of their bodies post-pregnancy. First and foremost is the tummy that doesn’t look as it did before, even in skinny women.

All new mothers want to get back to their before-pregnancy bodies as soon as possible. After you give birth, you will notice that much of the weight you put on comes off without any effort, but in most cases the tummy is the stubborn part of the body that refuses to get back into shape. Expecting to jump back into the before-pregnancy body immediately is not realistic, and we all should be aware of this. The post-pregnancy look of your tummy is entirely natural, and to be able to feel good in your skin again, it will take time and patience, as well as physical exercise and sometimes even a proper diet.

Do you look in the mirror, and instead of a svelte silhouette, see an abdomen without a definite shape that is not to your liking? Have you failed to get any results in the tummy area even with exercise and diet? Then it is time to consider a tummy tuck procedure. You can schedule your tummy tuck as soon as four to six months after giving birth, but no sooner.

Your body will need time to recover after giving birth, and you need to know that the remodeling of the tummy is different from individual to individual and depends on how you looked before the pregnancy and also on the way you gave birth (C-section or vaginal birth).

The tummy tuck procedure shouldn’t be scheduled in the first four months after giving birth, because the period after delivery can be extremely stressful and tiring for a new mother. Also, there is swelling of your abdomen, and you need to wait until the skin retracts. Our suggestion is to try to maintain a proper balance between rest and active periods to give yourself and your body a chance to restore and prepare for the tummy tuck procedure.

In the case of a vaginal birth, you will need two to six weeks to resume your daily activities from before the pregnancy and start exercising. If you have a C-section, the recovery period may be longer, and your doctor will allow you to start an exercise routine only after the six-week check and if the C-section looks good.

The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that will help you get rid of excess skin and fat on your abdomen. It will improve your looks and can also make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence. Just be kind to yourself and give your body enough time to recover after the delivery, and then you can schedule your tummy tuck procedure.


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