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body contouring the woodlands


It is commonly believed that the umbilicus is always in the midline of the abdomen, but this is not necessarily true. Some patients have a belly button that is off-midline by a centimeter or so. When a surgeon performs a tummy tuck, it is crucial to determine the exact location of the belly button.

If a belly button is off-center, a couple of things can be done during surgery to create an aesthetically nice belly button that is at the midline. In oneeffective technique of abdominal tightening, sutures are placed in such a way that the belly button can be moved to the correct anatomic position. The location of the belly button after a tummy tuck is actually determined by pre-existing anatomy. During consultation we will review your pictures to determine whether the belly button is in the center or not.

It is a misconception that the belly button is always at the midline, it is important to clear this belief in the preoperative visit, because any asymmetry after surgery will be a cause of dissatisfaction in the patient. It is advisable to discuss with your surgeon concerns about your belly button’s shape and size. This will all determine the overall aesthetic outcome and your postoperative satisfaction.

Swelling after a tummy tuck may also give the illusion of an off-center navel. If the same situation persists after the swelling has subsided, it can be re positioned with a small procedure under local anesthesia.

Dr. Wilberto Cortés, a renowned name in the cosmetic field, gives detailed tutorials to his patients regarding the surgery and its results. For any clarifications and further information visit his web site

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tummy tuck surgeon houston body contouring the woodlands

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tummy tuck surgeon houston body contouring the woodlands tummy tuck surgeon houston

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