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Introduction Many factors can cause your abdomen to become saggy. These include your age, weight changes, pregnancy, and gravity. Nobody desires to have a saggy and loose stomach because it looks aesthetically unpleasant and makes you look aged. Women are particularly sensitive about the aesthetic of...

Introduction The tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that is used to treat saggy and loose abdomen. A saggy abdomen looks aesthetically inferior, which is why many patients experience emotional pain and lower self-esteem. If your belly has become saggy as a result of factors...

Abdominoplasty is commonly performed nowadays for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the abdominal wall for patients suffering from loose abdominal muscles and an overall unaesthetic appearance of the tummy. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is a major plastic surgery procedure. Abdominoplasty...

Introduction The tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that will remove the excess skin and adipose tissue from the abdominal region, especially from the inferior part of the abdomen. The procedure can be performed with or without the reposition of the navel, depending on the...







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