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How long before liposuction do you need to stop smoking?

Hi, this is Dr. Hourglass, and welcome to another video in our channel Superhourglass. Today we are going to discuss: How long before liposuction do you need to stop smoking? In this channel, we will discuss everything you need to know for you to get the hourglass shape you’ve always wanted.
Welcome back! There is no doubt that smoking is injurious to your health. However, when it comes to liposuction and other plastic surgery procedures, smoking can be life-threatening. During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will assess your health, examine your body, and ask whether you are a smoker. If you are a smoker, you will be required to stop smoking before the surgery and remain a non-smoker during the recovery period.
There are many smokers who desire to contour their body and want to know how long before liposuction they need to stop smoking. Most plastic surgeons, including myself, encourage patients to stop smoking several weeks before the surgery. The minimum time period to stop smoking is at least two weeks before the intervention.
Smoking causes the blood to coagulate. It also constricts the blood vessels and capillaries. It can also destabilize your blood pressure during the surgery. Smoking is also linked to a number of respiratory problems.
During liposuction, your body will experience surgical trauma and there will be several incisions on the target areas. You need to have normal blood flow to have a safer liposuction. If you don’t stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery, you may experience complications during the operation. For example, your blood pressure may destabilize or anesthetic complications may arise.
Not stopping smoking can also lead to aesthetic and health complications during the recovery period. Smoking can obstruct the normal blood flow in the body, preventing fresh blood, nutrients, and oxygen from flowing to the incision. This can trigger poor and slow wound healing, which will affect the final aesthetic results in negative ways. You may also develop unsightly scarring after liposuction as a result of smoking.
During the recovery period, you will remain in bed most of the time to properly heal. However, the inactivity can expose you to the risk of blood clotting. Smoking further catalyzes and boosts the risk of blood clotting. A blood clot can travel to your heart, lungs, or brain, resulting in death or permanent disability.
In order to achieve better aesthetic results and undergo a safer liposuction, you must be sure to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery. Also, you must avoid smoking at least three weeks after the intervention.

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