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Are Tummy Tucks For Men Different Than For Women?

Are Tummy Tucks For Men Different Than For Women?


There are a number of myths that surround the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, and one of the myths is that the procedure is only for female patients. The fact is that both men and women who have saggy abdomen can benefit from the surgery.

The tummy tuck procedure involves the removal of excess skin from the abdomen and fixing the abdominal wall muscle. While the procedure is effective for both men and women, there are certain differences in abdominoplasty for men and women.

First off, the aesthetic goals and expectations are different among men and women. Female patients desire to achieve a small waist, tighter and toned abdomen, and the hourglass figure. They want their abdomen to look smoother, sexier, and beautifully outlined.

On the other hand, men want to achieve a flat, stronger, athletic and V-shaped abdomen with the tummy tuck surgery. Unlike women, they are not concerned about slimming down the waist. As a result of the difference in aesthetic goals, the tummy tuck techniques differ between men and women. The plastic surgeon will adapt the techniques according to the desired goals.

Women experience more sagginess in the abdomen because of pregnancies and the resulting consequences like loss of skin elasticity and separation of the abdominal wall muscle. Hence, the tummy tuck is more extensive for female patients than for male patients. Most male patients don’t require tightening of the abdominal wall muscle. Moreover, the tummy tuck for males costs less than for females. Recovery after the tummy tuck is usually shorter and easier for men because it does not involve much trauma.

Even though abdominoplasty is performed as a separate procedure, it may become necessary to combine it with other plastic surgery procedures so the aesthetic goals of the patient are achieved. Since males and females have different aesthetic goals, the supplemental procedure they pick can be different. For example, women may choose breast enhancement as a combo procedure with the tummy tuck, whereas men may choose liposuction.

Furthermore, most women undergo the tummy tuck as a part of the Mommy Makeover that treats multiple aesthetic flaws in the body resulting from pregnancy. Most women include breast enhancement procedures like breast lift and breast augmentation and liposuction so they can look more feminine, fertile, and attractive.

On the other hand, men may decide to associate breast reduction surgery with the tummy tuck in order to add more athletic features, masculine curves, and definition to their body.

In a nutshell, the tummy tuck can be performed on male and female patients; however, the plastic surgeon adapts the techniques and associated procedures according to the aesthetic goals and needs, which is always different between male and female patients.








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