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Diet to sustain the results of abdominoplasty

Diet to sustain the results of abdominoplasty


Despite popular belief, the tummy tuck is not a weight loss method nor should be used to help patients achieve their ideal weight. The procedure is recommended only on patients who have achieved their ideal weight and want to correct other imperfections on the abdominal wall such as umbilical hernia, loose abdominal muscles, and excess skin. The tummy tuck is often recommended for patients who had bariatric surgery or had undergone other massive weight loss programs to get a firm and flat tummy.

Using the abdominoplasty to lose weight is not wise, nor can it provide the desired results. The plastic surgeon will make an incision on the lower part of the tummy and use it to detach the skin and fat tissue from the muscles and elevate them to the rib cage. The abdominal muscles are strengthened with sutures, and umbilical hernia is fixed if present. Then, the skin and underlying fat tissue are pulled back over the abdominal muscles and the incisions are sutured after the excess of skin is removed. As you can see, the procedure has no effect on the fat layer present in the tummy, either subcutaneous or in the abdominal cavity. This means that the weight loss that will occur after the procedure equals only the amount of skin tissue that is removed.

After undergoing this procedure, a diet is recommended to sustain the results. Gaining weight again can result in an alteration of the beautiful results, and this is why patients are advised to keep a stable weight with weight fluctuations that are less than 2 kg per month.

A good diet to follow will include plenty of good quality protein sources and enough fibers. This means that patients are advised to have small regular meals, usually three meals per day with one or two snacks in the morning and afternoon. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must for any healthy diet to sustain the results. Lean meats such as veal, chicken, and fish are also recommended to be consumed every day, but in moderation. Eggs and dairy are also a good option for patients who like to consume them, as well as beans, nuts, and seeds for vegetarians. 

Keep in mind that fats are also needed for the proper functioning of the body. You need to have a good balance between animal and vegetal sources of fat. You can try coconut oil and olive oil, but also butter. Nowadays it is very popular to have a small cube of butter with morning coffee. This ensures you have enough energy until the middle of the day with minimal calorie intake. 

If you have questions about your diet to sustain the results of abdominoplasty, make sure to discuss this with the plastic surgeon.









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