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Factors that can make your abdomen saggy and loose

When it comes to the saggy appearance of the abdominal area, there are many factors that could cause it. However, generally speaking, we concentrate on three main factors that are responsible for ruining the aesthetic appearance of the tummy. These factors are multiple pregnancies, significant weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process. Aside from these causes, there can be others such as a sedentary lifestyle and other lifestyle choices that can influence the appearance of the body or cause the sagginess; however, the three factors mentioned above are probably the most frequent to occur.

Many mothers know that after childbirth, it is not always easy and not even possible at times to jump back to the pre-pregnancy body. The chances that occur in the body during the nine months of pregnancy can trigger effects that are difficult or impossible to erase after giving birth. In many cases, the woman is left with a saggy abdomen after childbirth, and this unpleasant appearance of the tummy can stay with her for a long time if not permanently, even if she has managed to get rid of all the baby fat.

What causes this protuberance on the tummy and the unpleasant appearance in women with multiple pregnancies? Well, chances are the muscles of the abdominal wall have become loose and distended during pregnancy due to the growing uterus. This condition is called diastasis recti and can only be corrected surgically. What the plastic surgeon will do is to suture the muscles of the abdominal wall together to create a smooth and firm tummy. This is often performed during a tummy tuck.

The next factor is weight fluctuations. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, a lack of exercise, genetic inheritance, and many other causes, the individual might gain a considerable amount of weight. When someone overweight or obese loses weight, there is a reason for celebration and the improvement in health is noticeable. However, the improvement in the appearance of the patient is not as much. After considerable weight loss or significant weight fluctuations, the patient will be left with saggy skin all over the body. The area that is most confronted with sagginess is the abdomen. These patients often present the so-called abdominal apron which is a protuberance or a skin fold that is flowing over the pubic area, covering it partially or completely. The unsightly appearance of the abdomen after significant weight loss can only be corrected surgically, usually during a tummy tuck.

When it comes to the passing of time, we know it affects our bodies as a whole. However, certain features of the body might have a tendency to show signs of aging before others, and the abdomen is one of these. With age, both men and women tend to start accumulating fat on the midline, aside from losing skin elasticity. This can result in an unpleasant, saggy and loose abdominal area that can be fixed during a tummy tuck procedure.








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