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How visible are the results after an hourglass tummy tuck?

How visible are the results after an hourglass tummy tuck?


The hourglass tummy tuck is a modern and very sought-after procedure nowadays. It can considerably enhance the aesthetics of the body in one sitting and with the patient undergoing general anesthesia just once. Nowadays it is not uncommon to undergo combined procedures, and patients often choose to do so to get better results. However, the hourglass tummy tuck is not only about combining procedures but using complementary procedures to improve the silhouette. Changing the body shape is not something very easy to achieve. However, the hourglass procedures are performed with this exact purpose in mind. The hourglass tummy tuck is recommended for patients with loose abdominal muscles and suffering from other imperfections of the abdominal wall who also want to get a slimmer waist and the most wanted hourglass shape.

The procedure entails the combination of liposuction, classic abdominoplasty, and fat transfer methods to deliver spectacular results for a vast majority of patients. When the hourglass tummy tuck is recommended, the plastic surgeon will start with liposuction of the abdomen and the flanks to make the waist slimmer and with a better definition. The imperfections of the abdomen are targeted next, and the surgeon will strengthen loose abdominal muscles with sutures, correct umbilical hernia, and remove the excess of fat and skin tissue from the inferior abdomen. 

Next, we have the last stage of the procedure, fat transfer to the hips. The fat that was collected with liposuction in the first stage is processed through a complex centrifugation process that will eliminate blood and impurities. The healthiest fat cells are injected into the hips to create a better projection. With hips being larger and the waist being smaller, the plastic surgeon can help the patient achieve an hourglass silhouette.

When undergoing this procedure, patients wonder how visible the results after the hourglass tummy tuck are. To get an answer to this question, you can check before and after pictures of patients undergoing this procedure. The results are visible immediately after the hourglass tummy tuck as the waist is smaller, the hips larger, and the abdomen is flat and firm. However, the areas treated generally become swollen and bruised after surgery, hence this is not a good time to assess the results. The final results of the hourglass tummy tuck can be visible three to six months after. During this time, the hips will get smaller as a certain percentage of the fat injected will be absorbed by the body and the swelling and bruising will disappear.

The results of the hourglass tummy tuck are visible and impressive for a vast majority of patients, with the condition that the procedure is performed on healthy and emotionally stable patients and by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who plays out this procedure routinely. 









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