Is Lipo Always Performed on an Outpatient Basis? - Hourglass Tummy Tuck
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Is Lipo Always Performed on an Outpatient Basis?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that should only be performed by certified and experienced surgeons. It is a body-sculpting technique that removes excess fat, but not necessarily all the fat in a certain area. It is used to help provide a better-contoured body rather than to solve overweight problems.

There are different techniques that can be used to perform the liposuction procedure. Depending on the technique used, the patient would either spend the night at the hospital or be able to go home a few hours after the procedure. Most of those who offer liposuction offer it as an outpatient procedure. It takes a couple of hours for the surgery to be completed, and after another few hours of recovery, you can now be cleared to go home at the end of the day.

On the other hand, there are still some surgeons who offer liposuction procedure as an inpatient procedure. Most of those who employ the traditional technique of liposuction are likely to ask their patients to spend at least one night in the medical facility. It is also possible for patients to spend more time in the hospital when the liposuction procedure is coupled with other surgical procedures.

The tummy tuck surgery is a surgical procedure that is meant to help patients have a flatter stomach. Liposuction can also be part of this surgery in order to enhance the result. With combined procedures, it can be more difficult and more dangerous for the patient. This is the reason why surgeons will require you to be under the observation of a nurse in the hospital. They only want the best for you, so don’t be in a rush to go home after your procedure.

Nowadays, most of the liposuction surgery offered makes use of the tumescent technique. This technique makes use of a large amount of fluid that is injected into the area of the body that is involved. The fluid already contains lidocaine and local anesthesia; that is why there is no need for general anesthesia to be used. It results in less bleeding and bruising; that is why recovery from this technique is much faster and more comfortable for the patient.

There are also other liposuction techniques that make use of ultrasound or light energy. With these techniques, it is possible for the patient to go home on the day of the surgery. The liposuction procedure is a less invasive procedure, and it only results in a small wound or scar. This is the reason why most of those who offer it don’t require patients to spend the night at their facility.

Although a patient can go home on the same day the procedure is done, patients should still know how to take care of their body properly. This is to avoid any complications that may arise from improper healing due to what the patient does after the surgery. It is best for patients to prepare for their recovery even before they have the surgery so that they can feel more comfortable. Proper preparation also helps them to avoid most of the unwanted outcomes.








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