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Laughing, Coughing And Sneezing After A Tummy Tuck

When you lose a lot of weight or undergo pregnancy, you can end up with plenty of loose skin, especially in your tummy area. In order to help improve how the abdomen looks, a tummy tuck surgery can be done. This type of plastic surgery removes the excess skin, fat, and tissue on the tummy. It can also help mend the muscles that split up.

The recovery from a tummy tuck surgery can be more challenging than other plastic surgeries because the incision is usually much bigger than the others. The area worked on is also greater, and the patient needs to be in a flexed position at the waist for several days during the recovery period. With all plastic surgeries, it can be difficult to do usual daily activities because of the healing wound. One of the most difficult things to do when you are recovering from a tummy tuck surgery is to cough, sneeze or laugh. It can be very uncomfortable, and some patients dread these because it is too painful for them.

When we sneeze, cough or laugh, the abdominal area contracts and stretches. This is the reason why those who have undergone a tummy tuck will feel very uncomfortable. After about six weeks, the muscles will now be able to handle the force needed for sneezing, coughing or laughing, but it can still be very uncomfortable for the patient because the wound is still healing and there might still be some swelling or inflammation inside the body.

Some people also fear that powerful sneezes, coughs or laughter can cause their sutures to open or be disrupted. However, the sutures that are used to repair the muscles together won’t tear that easily. Although the pain and discomfort are present, the suture will still hold. It is best to observe yourself and watch out for any increased swelling or bleeding as well as a formation of a new bulge in the tummy area. These things can be indicative of a tear in the suture that will need your surgeon’s immediate attention if it happens.

The best way to cough or sneeze after a tummy tuck procedure is to hold your tummy with your hands or put pressure on a pillow while you sneeze or cough. This is a simple action that can greatly help make you feel more comfortable when you really need to sneeze or cough during your recovery. Sneezing, coughing and even laughing are things that we naturally do everyday. Although it can be challenging to do them after a tummy tuck, you simply have to hold on. Coughing helps clear out your lungs and sneezing helps clear out your airways. These may be very painful now, but they will eventually get better as the body heals more.









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