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When to seek help after liposuction

Liposuction is a common cosmetic surgery performed in many places all over the world. It deals with the subcutaneous fat in the body and surgically removes them by sucking them out. This is done through a tube called a cannula that leaves only a small incision mark on the body. It is usually an outpatient procedure and patients are expected to fully recover at home. The healing period depends on how extensive the procedure is.

The first thing that patients should know is what to expect after the procedure. This way, they can assess if the side effects they are feeling are normal or otherwise need medical attention. Patients must also follow their doctor’s postoperative instructions to avoid possible complications.

After the procedure, it is natural to feel pain around the surgical site. Fluid accumulation and swelling is possible due to the fat cells that have been removed. If the accumulation is large, draining may be required. Otherwise, the swelling will subside on its own.

On the other hand, if there are signs of infection, pain in the legs, bleeding, as well as difficulty breathing, patients should call their doctor immediately. If an infection reaches the bloodstream it can spread to other parts of the body, leading to more dangerous complications and possibly death. High fever, redness, pain, and increased swelling are common indicators of an infection.

Patients who feel pain in their legs or calves may have formed a clot called deep vein thrombosis. This can develop if the patient doesn’t move much after surgery. To ensure proper circulation, patients must walk regularly to avoid possible fatal complications such as a pulmonary embolus, wherein the clot migrates to the lungs.

It is important for patients who have undergone liposuction to keep a close eye on their bodies and to be sensitive to what they are experiencing. It is imperative to allow the body to fully heal before doing strenuous exercises to ensure safe recovery. While liposuction is a procedure that leaves few marks on the outside, the body must still heal properly from the inside.








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