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The tummy tuck and signs of aging

The tummy tuck and signs of aging


Aging has an effect on the whole body, but the skin shows signs of aging before anything else. With the passing of time, we start seeing the first signs of aging on the face. The skin loses elasticity, becomes drier due to the changes in hormone production, and wrinkles occur. But the face is not the only one affected. The signs of aging are also present all over the body. The breasts can start sagging and go through a loss of mammary gland tissue, the tummy can become saggy, and fat deposits can begin accumulating in the midline.


The tummy tuck is one of the procedures performed to create a flat and firm abdomen and to strengthen loose abdominal muscles. Some people see it as a simple weight loss method, but this is wrong. The tummy tuck can’t help the patient lose weight. Moreover, the recommendation is to have it performed only on patients who are already close to their ideal weight to get satisfactory results. Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure created to tighten up the tummy and create tension on the abdominal wall for a firm and flat appearance. The procedure is not recommended for people with excess weight, but for patients who have excess accumulation of skin in the abdominal area.


Among the best candidates for the procedure are mothers who had one or multiple pregnancies, people who had weight fluctuations, and patients who had their abdominal area affected by the passing of time. For these patients, the skin has lost elasticity in time and skin sagginess has occurred.


After 40 years old, even people who keep fit and in shape can notice that the midline starts losing its fine contours. The waist gets affected by unaesthetic adipose tissue and skin folds start to occur on the tummy. Many of the patients confronted with these imperfections resort to plastic surgery to correct them but tend to ask for abdominal liposuction instead of the tummy tuck. The reality is that liposuction might be a solution for a younger patient with good skin tonus, but for people over 40, the skin tonus becomes poorer and the tummy tuck is recommended to fix the imperfections of the tummy.


For patients in this age group, the plastic surgeon often recommends combining liposuction with the tummy tuck. This means the procedure will start with liposuction being performed on the abdominal wall and the flanks to get a better definition and slim down the waist. Then the tummy tuck is performed to eliminate the excess of skin tissue and to recreate the tension on the abdominal wall.


After the procedure, the patient can enjoy a youthful appearance that can last for quite some time if the patient avoids ulterior weight fluctuations. Keep in mind that the more advanced the age of the patient is, the longer the recovery process after the tummy tuck might be.









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