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What are advantages of the hourglass tummy tuck compared to the traditional tummy tuck?

What are advantages of the hourglass tummy tuck compared to the traditional tummy tuck?




The tummy tuck is often requested by patients whose abdominal area has been negatively affected by multiple pregnancies, the passing of time, or weight fluctuations. With time, adipose deposits can start accumulating on the midline and stay there despite the patient sustaining an active lifestyle. Moreover, it is also with the time that the skin loses elasticity and tonus and can start sagging in different areas of the body, especially the lower part of the abdomen.


The tummy tuck can correct multiple issues of the abdominal wall and create a firm and flat appearance of the tummy once again. Among the imperfections that can be corrected with the tummy tuck are diastasis recti or the weakening of the abdominal wall muscles.


Depending on the patient’s particularities and expectations, the plastic surgeon can recommend different types of tummy tucks. In this article, we will discuss what advantages the hourglass tummy tuck has compared to the traditional tummy tuck.


Types of tummy tuck


Apart from the hourglass tummy tuck and the traditional tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon can also recommend a mini tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck. Let’s see what the characteristics of each type of tummy tuck are:


  1.    Mini tummy tuck

The main characteristic of this type of tummy tuck is that the belly button is not repositioned, but just detached from the surrounding tissues. There is just one incision needed with the mini tummy tuck, and this incision is often much smaller compared to other types of tummy tucks. The procedure is recommended for patients with a minor level of sagginess of the tummy and is often performed with abdominal liposuction.


  1.    Complete tummy tuck

This is what we call the classic or traditional tummy tuck. The traditional tummy tuck entails two incisions, one on the suprapubic area and can go from hip to hip, and the other around the belly button and necessary for its reposition. With this procedure, the loose abdominal muscles are also strengthened with sutures.

  1.    Extended tummy tuck

With this procedure, the incision is extended towards the flanks, and the incisions are longer and positioned on each side of the waist. This way, the plastic surgeon can eliminate the excess skin situated over the hips.


To get better results, each of these procedures can be combined with liposuction, which can ensure a more precise body remodeling. However, there is one type of tummy tuck that entails the use of liposuction as a part of the procedure. This is the hourglass tummy tuck.


How is the hourglass tummy tuck performed?


For patients interested in significantly improving the appearance of their body and reshaping the abdominal area, we have developed and commonly perform the hourglass tummy tuck. The hourglass tummy tuck is a superior plastic surgery technique that involves a combination of procedures that will deliver a more considerable improvement in the shape of the body. When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, we aim to get a firmer and flatter tummy, but also to create the hourglass silhouette that is so desired by so many women.


When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, the procedure starts with a liposuction. Liposuction is commonly performed on the abdomen and flanks and reduces the thickness of the adipose layer in these areas to create a better defined and smaller waist. One of the main characteristics of the hourglass body is a small waist, and this is what we try to achieve during the first step of the procedure.


After the plastic surgeon has sculpted the midline with liposuction, the fat extracted goes through a purification process as it will be used later on during the last stage of the procedure. After liposuction, the traditional tummy tuck will be performed. This means that the plastic surgeon will make an incision on the suprapubic area that will be low enough for the patient to be able to mask it with lingerie or a swimsuit. The incision is used to detach the skin and fat tissue from the abdominal wall muscles and lift it towards the thorax. If there is a need for this, the abdominal wall muscles will be brought together and sutured if they had a gap in between them. This will make the abdomen smoother and firmer. Umbilical hernia can be corrected if it is present.


After these imperfections of the abdominal wall are corrected, the plastic surgeon can lower the skin from the level of the thorax. The skin is re-draped over the muscles and tension is created for a firm appearance of the tummy. The excess skin and the underlying fat tissue are removed, and sutures are used to close the incisions.

When this step is completed, the plastic surgeon can go to the last stage of the hourglass tummy tuck: fat transfer to the hips. Many patients wonder why this step is necessary. But if you have a look at before and after pictures of patients undergoing the procedure, you will see how curvaceous the body looks after adding volume to the hips. Also, by looking at pictures, you will understand why in a vast majority of cases patients who believe they have wide hips don’t actually have the volume where it is needed. The fat is transferred to the hips with special syringes at different depths and in layers to ensure its survival.


Advantages of the hourglass tummy tuck compared to the classic tummy tuck


–    Less fat in the body


When the traditional tummy tuck is performed, the only purpose of the plastic surgeon is to strengthen loose abdominal muscles, correct umbilical hernia, and remove the excess skin. This means that if the patient has a considerable layer of fat on the tummy and the flanks, it won’t be affected in any way when the traditional tummy tuck is performed. Moreover, the patient can even be left with a square body shape, very similar to Spongebob. This is not alluring nor sexy and certainly not an appearance we strive to achieve after undergoing plastic surgery. When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, there will be less fat in the body, especially the middle area and the tummy as liposuction is performed for this exact purpose.


–    A superior shape of the body

Patients undergoing the traditional tummy tuck procedure can be left with a Spongebob shape. The hourglass tummy tuck comes to correct the flaws of the classic procedure by combining liposuction and fat transfer to the hips to create a superior shape of the body. Sculpting the body with liposuction and fat transfer can give the patient an hourglass silhouette where the waist is much smaller than the hips and the curves are alluring and sexy. This is a feminine body shape that we see in many of our preferred celebrities.


–    Correcting all imperfections of the midline area


The classic tummy tuck surgery only targets the imperfections of the abdominal wall while the hourglass tummy tuck aims to correct all the imperfections of the midline area. This means that the issues of the flanks will be fixed for a more beautiful and appealing body appearance. When the traditional tummy tuck is performed on patients who have unaesthetic looking flanks, the results might be what we call dog ears, an accentuation of the imperfections of the flanks after the procedure is performed.




The hourglass tummy tuck is a modern and superior plastic surgery procedure that comes to correct the flaws that can be left behind by the traditional tummy tuck. The procedure consists of a combination of multiple plastic surgery techniques: abdominal liposuction and liposuction on the flanks, abdominoplasty, and fat transfer to the hips. When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, the patient can enjoy more advantages and a better-contoured appearance of the body. The hourglass tummy tuck will correct all the imperfections of the midline area and not just the front of the tummy. Moreover, the hourglass tummy tuck will eliminate a part of the fat in the patient’s body, creating a better shape and more alluring curves.


The hourglass body shape is a good solution for patients who don’t have a waist that has a lot of definition and narrow hips. The procedure will take longer than the traditional tummy tuck and is also performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The recovery period is no longer than in the case of the traditional tummy tuck, and the patient is advised not to rest or lie on the sides of the body for about three weeks post-op.









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