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What happens during the tummy tuck consultation session?

After researching online about the tummy tuck, talking to a friend who had the procedure, and deciding which plastic surgeon is the right one, the next step is scheduling the pre-operative consultation.

Many patients wonder what happens during the tummy tuck consultation and how they can prepare better for it. This consultation is an important meeting from multiple points of view. First, this is the initial contact you have with the plastic surgeon, so you need to pay attention and see if you can trust him and be open and honest with him. Moreover, this is the time when the plastic surgeon will assess your candidacy for the tummy tuck.

The consultation for the tummy tuck often starts with the patient talking about the reasons for desiring to undergo plastic surgery. In a vast majority of cases, the patient either had lost a significant amount of weight, had multiple pregnancies, or the tummy has been affected by gravity and aging. The plastic surgeon will ask questions about the results you want to achieve to be able to assess if you have realistic expectations from the procedure. Moreover, you will be required to discuss your medical history. The details that are of importance for the plastic surgeon are related to previous operations done on the tummy, as well as chronic or severe conditions that require constant medication.

The plastic surgeon will also ask what pills you are taking and how often. It is important to give him all the details about your current treatment, even if the pills are just for birth control or natural supplements. In a vast majority of cases, the plastic surgeon will ask you to stop taking birth control pills a month before the procedure and also avoid natural supplements and certain anti-inflammatory medication for at least two weeks before the procedure. This is important to avoid complications such as excessive bleeding or blood clot formation.

Once you have discussed the medical history, current medication and even potential allergies, the plastic surgeon will also ask questions about life habits such as smoking, drinking, or drugs. He will explain why it is important to cease them weeks before the procedure and avoid them for at least a month after the procedure.

The medical examination is another important part of the consultation for the tummy tuck. The plastic surgeon will have a look at the tummy and also the surrounding tissues. Factors such as the tonus of the muscles and the condition of the skin will be assessed, in coordination with other anatomical characteristics such as height and weight. If there is a considerable layer of fat on the tummy and/or the flanks, the plastic surgeon might recommend combining liposuction with the tummy tuck. If the hips are narrow and the patient would like to achieve the hourglass silhouette, the hourglass tummy tuck might be recommended.








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