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What is tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is a liposuction technique that involves injecting huge volumes of tumescent solution, which is a mixture of lidocaine and epinephrine, into the hypodermic fat to easily dislodge it from the surrounding tissues. The literal meaning of tumescent is swollen. When the tumescent solution is introduced into the target area, the area swells and becomes firmer.

Since a local anesthesia is part of the tumescent solution, it will make the surgery less uncomfortable for the patient. The local anesthesia (lidocaine) delivers full local anesthetic effect to the target area. This means that there is no need to use general anesthesia or IV sedation. On the other hand, Epinephrine is a drug that performs concentrated and targeted vasoconstriction function, almost stopping any blood loss during the liposuction.

The use of the tumescent technique in liposuction is almost the standard. These days, no liposuction is performed without the use of this solution. It eliminated the greater risks that were involved in liposuction before the advent of the tumescent liposuction technique. If this method is not used, the associated risks will increase, the procedure will be more difficult to perform, the patient will experience greater discomfort during the surgery, and there will be excessive blood loss.

The tumescent solution also helps the surgeon easily dislodge the fat cells from the surrounding tissue by moving the liposuction cannula back and forth. This is a huge improvement as compared to the previously used technique called dry liposuction. The dry liposuction technique did not use tumescent solution so there was excessive bleeding and the patients experienced immense discomfort during and after the liposuction. This is not the case with the tumescent liposuction.

The good news is that recovery after tumescent liposuction is relatively shorter and more comfortable than the dry liposuction method. The procedure leads to relatively little post-operative swelling in the target areas. The aesthetic improvements achieved with this technique are by far the best. Furthermore, the bruising from the tumescent liposuction is substantially less than that involved in the old method.

When the tumescent technique is used in combination with modern liposuction types like laser-assisted liposuction or power-assisted liposuction, the surgery time can be drastically reduced. Also, the surgery will be easier for the patient, as well as the surgeon.








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