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What tests are required before the tummy tuck?


Many factors can cause your abdomen to become saggy. These include your age, weight changes, pregnancy, and gravity. Nobody desires to have a saggy and loose stomach because it looks aesthetically unpleasant and makes you look aged. Women are particularly sensitive about the aesthetic of their abdomen. They desire to have firmer, youthful and toned tummy.

The tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that restores the firmness and youthfulness of your abdomen. The tummy tuck is a major procedure involving incisions and surgical trauma. To ensure your safety and reduce the risks, the plastic surgeon will ask you for different medical tests before the procedure.

Why are the medical tests important?

The medical tests before the tummy tuck are essential to ensure your safety during and after the procedure. The patient must be sure to discuss her complete health and medication history with the doctor. The tummy tuck is a highly invasive procedure and entails relatively higher risks than other cosmetic procedures.

While you may share your health and medical information with the doctor, it is essential to perform the tests to eliminate any uncertain situation that may arise. For example, if you have a history of blood clotting, it can cause problems during and after the tummy tuck. As such, the doctor will ask for tests to analyze your tendency to blood clotting.

The results of the medical tests will be used to assess your overall health and eligibility for the surgery. It will also let the doctor take immediate precautionary measures in case complications happen during or after the procedure. The patient must take the tests and ensure the surgeon has the reports before surgery day. Not doing so can lead to a delay in your tummy tuck surgery.

Medical tests required before the tummy tuck

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your abdomen and assess your health condition. If you are taking any medications, your doctor should know it beforehand. The surgeon may ask you to stop taking certain medicines or alter the dosage.

From the findings of the consultation, the plastic surgeon will tell you to take specific medical tests. The goal is to make sure you are fit for the tummy tuck. When it comes to the types of tests, it will depend on your overall health condition. Even if you are in good health, you will still be required to undergo some tests. If you have health problems, more tests will be needed.

The standard tests before the tummy tuck include blood tests like blood chemistry and blood count, glucose level test, and blood clotting test. Also, a pregnancy test is mandatory for all women who want to undergo the procedure. Let’s discuss the required tests in detail.

Blood chemistry test

The blood chemistry test is used to assess chemical substances in the blood. The contents are released into the blood during the metabolism of specific elements. Different blood chemistry tests are used to assess different things. When it comes to the tummy tuck surgery, the blood chemistry test is used to check the level of substances like glucose, urea, and bilirubin in the blood. The findings will provide the surgeon with an assessment of your general health, organ functions, and electrolyte balance.

Blood and urine analysis

To detect general health problems, your plastic surgeon may ask for general blood and urine analysis tests. Usually, these tests are enough to diagnose most common health problems. If you have an infection of the urinary tract or problem in the kidney or liver, a general blood test and urine analysis will diagnose these conditions. It is also used to diagnose diabetes.

Complete blood count (CBC) is the most common test plastic surgeons ask for before the tummy tuck procedure. The test is used to diagnose conditions like anemia, infections, and blood clotting problems. It can also diagnose problems within the immune system.

Pregnancy test

A pregnancy test is compulsory for all female patients undergoing the tummy tuck. To be eligible for the tummy tuck, you must not be pregnant. The operation will not only put your health at significant risk but also lead to life-threatening conditions for the baby. If you are pregnant, you should share this information with the doctor.

Patients are advised to avoid the tummy tuck and other surgeries if they are pregnant. You should consider the operation at least six months after surgery and three months after breastfeeding.

Other tests

Your plastic surgeon may ask for additional tests, depending on your health and medical history. For example, you may be asked to do a complete blood picture test apart from liver function, blood type, hepatitis, and HIV tests.

These tests are crucial to ensure your safety during and after surgery. It is vital for patients to do all the required tests; otherwise, the operation may be delayed. Also, during the initial consultation, be sure to discuss with the surgeon what types of tests will be required.

Are the medical tests compulsory before a tummy tuck?

Many people want to know whether the medical tests are mandatory before the tummy tuck. Some of the tests explained above are compulsory before the procedure. The necessary tests include blood, urine, and pregnancy tests at the least. However, the mandatory tests depend on your health and medical condition. In case you have diabetes, heart disease, blood disorders, or hypertension, you will be required to get more compulsory tests.

In my practice, I make sure no health problem goes undiagnosed before the tummy tuck. It is essential concerning your safety during and after the procedure. If you are older, I may ask you for more tests. For example, in such a case, liver and heart function tests may be needed.


A tummy tuck is one of the most invasive plastic surgery procedures. It involves incisions and removal of excess skin from the abdomen, apart from tightening the abdominal wall muscles. As a result, the abdomen becomes firmer, smooth, youthful, and toned. The surgery involves relatively more risks than other plastic surgery procedures.

Before the tummy tuck, the patient is required to get different medical tests. The tests provide an insight into your overall health, so the risks are reduced during and after surgery. The standard tests required before the surgery are explained above.








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