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When to consider combining the tummy tuck and breast lift

The tummy tuck solely targets the abdominal area, and the aim of the procedure is to make the abdomen flatter and firmer. However, many patients want to see a more significant improvement in their body after undergoing a tummy tuck and choose to have combined procedures. One of the commonly performed combinations of plastic surgery is the tummy tuck and the breast lift.

If you are wondering when to consider a combined surgery of the tummy tuck and the breast lift, the answer is quite simple. This combination of procedures is often recommended for women who have given birth or are after a certain age.

The breast lift associated with the tummy tuck is commonly included in the mommy makeover package that targets new mothers, and the reasons behind this are quite obvious. During pregnancy, the two features of the body that are most affected by changes are the breasts and the tummy. What usually happens after pregnancy and childbirth is that the breasts and the tummy get saggy and it becomes very difficult or impossible for the woman to regain her beautiful and toned pre-pregnancy body. This is the reason why the mommy makeover package, which includes the tummy tuck and the breast lift, is so in demand nowadays. When it comes to the sagginess of the skin on the lower abdomen or the breasts, there is not much the patient can do by using methods such as diet or exercise. When there is a considerable level of sagginess and the skin has a poor tonus, it is only with the help of plastic surgery that we can achieve an aesthetic improvement.

When the breast lift procedure is performed at the same time with a tummy tuck, the results to be expected are a firmer, flatter and youthful looking tummy and also firm and perky breasts that are more elevated on the chest wall. Many patients say that undergoing the combined procedure has made them feel and look much younger. This is the reason why this combination of procedures is also a good option for patients after a certain age who feel that their bodies have been affected by the passing of time and gravity.

The combination of breast lift and tummy tuck can also be a good option for women who have undergone massive weight loss and are now left with saggy skin all over their bodies, especially on the breasts and tummy.

The combined procedures are performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The benefits of undergoing multiple procedures at once are lower costs, having to take time off work just once, and going through the recovery period just once. Moreover, the aesthetic results achieved after the combined procedures are far more superior.








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