Who can benefit from a mini abdominoplasty? - Hourglass Tummy Tuck
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Who can benefit from a mini abdominoplasty?

Who can benefit from a mini abdominoplasty?


The tummy tuck is recommended for patients with saggy skin on the inferior part of the abdomen caused by weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies, or the natural aging process. The procedure should be performed only by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon in a hospital or an accredited medical facility. The tummy tuck, just like many other plastic surgery procedures, can be adapted to the needs of the patient. This means that there are multiple ways to perform it. The surgical plan to be followed during the tummy tuck is to be discussed with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation.


The plastic surgeon might recommend an hourglass tummy tuck if the patient has narrow hips, undefined waist, and sagginess of the skin on the lower part of the abdomen. When this procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction to remove the excess of fat tissue on the abdomen and the flanks, then the tummy tuck and fat transfer to the hips. This is a more complex procedure with impressive results for candidates who have a recommendation for it.


A complete tummy tuck corrects the excess of skin on the inferior abdomen and also strengthens loose abdominal muscles and abdominal hernia. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon can also eliminate scars that are positioned under the belly button.


Extended abdominoplasty is the procedure recommended for patients with a severe case of skin sagginess where the skin folds are also present on the flanks and not only the front of the body. This procedure is more complex and requires more incisions than the complete tummy tuck.


But who can benefit from a mini abdominoplasty? The mini abdominoplasty is the less invasive type of tummy tuck. It can be performed with or without liposuction on the abdominal wall or the flanks. The mini tummy tuck is for people with a minor excess of skin but with poor skin tonus. The procedure entails fewer risks and potential complications compared to other types of abdominoplasty, but it can only be performed on patients who have excess skin on the lower part of the abdomen. The recovery period is also much shorter after the mini tummy tuck. Often, patients can resume daily activities within a few days from the operation and work within two weeks.


The ideal candidate who can benefit from a mini abdominoplasty is a person with a normal weight, unsatisfied with the appearance of the tummy that creates unsightly folds, especially when sitting down. At the same time, the scars, stretch marks and hernias present on the inferior abdominal wall can be successfully treated with a mini tummy tuck. The procedure is performed without the repositioning of the navel, and the incision is in the suprapubic area. Keep in mind that the scars and stretch marks that can be eliminated during the mini tummy tuck need to be positioned on the pedicle of skin that will be surgically excised.









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