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Why did the surgeon recommend me an hourglass tummy tuck?

Why did the surgeon recommend me an hourglass tummy tuck?


Most patients will do extensive research online before scheduling the pre-operative consultation for their plastic surgery. For some of them, the diagnosis from the plastic surgeon will be the same as they expected, while for others, it can be something different or a procedure they don’t even know much details about. For example, when considering a tummy tuck to correct the imperfections of the abdominal wall, many patients know that it can be performed following different surgical plans depending on the complexity of each case, but they don’t know that a more modern and effective procedure might be recommended instead of the classic abdominoplasty, namely the hourglass tummy tuck.

After the pre-operative consultation, many patients might ask why the surgeon recommended the hourglass tummy tuck. Just to make sure all the details are in order, we will present some of the reasons why the hourglass tummy tuck might be recommended instead of the classic abdominoplasty.


–    Rectangular shape of the body

The classic tummy tuck only has an effect on the loose abdominal muscles and the firmness and flatness of the abdominal wall, but it won’t affect the shape of the body. Many patients undergoing the procedure expect that after the muscles are tightened up and the excess of tissue is removed from the inferior part of the tummy, their silhouette will be completely changed and improved. But this is not how the abdominoplasty works. It only corrects the imperfections present on the abdominal wall and not the overall shape of the body. If the patient has a rectangular shape where the shoulders are about the same dimensions as the hips and the waist is not defined, chances are the patient will be disappointed with the Spongebob figure she will achieve after surgery. This is why the plastic surgeon will recommend the hourglass tummy tuck which will help the patient achieve an improved silhouette. 

–    Adipose tissue on the abdominal wall and flanks

For patients desiring to get rid of the fat tissue on the abdomen and flanks, there is little to be done when the traditional tummy tuck is performed. However, the hourglass tummy tuck entails the use of liposuction on the abdominal wall and the flanks followed by a fat transfer to the hips that will significantly improve the aesthetics of the body.

–    The patient wants a slimmer waist

The aim of the classic abdominoplasty is a firm and flat abdominal wall with no skin excess. However, the procedure can’t make the waist slimmer. For this to be done, liposuction would be needed. If the patient wants a slimmer waist, liposuction can be used to extract the unwanted fat deposits in the area. Fat transfer to the hips can also be performed using this fat to make the waist even more defined in accordance to the dimensions of the hips. 








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