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All You Need To Know About Tummy Tucks For Male Patients


We often hear about women who have undergone plastic surgery interventions, but not very often about men even if nowadays men are having aesthetic procedures performed more often than in the past.

An important concern for men when it comes to their body appearance is the circumference of the waist. It is not so much about their weight, but how it is distributed around the body. The reasons to worry are just considering the fact that men tend to accumulate fat around the abdominal area with age.

Nowadays, men have become just as aware as women of the dangers of fat deposits and how it can affect their well-being. Because of this, the tummy tuck is a commonly requested and performed procedure on male patients. Abdominoplasty remodels the abdominal area, offering a firm and youthful aspect to the body and can even improve the quality of life of the patient.


What is the tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck is, as we have mentioned before, one of the most frequent procedures performed on men. Men of different ages undergo the procedure with the aim to get rid of the unaesthetic belly pouch and become more mobile and fit. The ideal candidate for the tummy tuck procedure is a man with a healthy lifestyle and in good health and emotional condition. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia for the comfort of the patient as it can take up to four hours, depending on the complexity of each case.

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will perform an incision on the suprapubic area. The skin and fat tissue are then lifted from the abdomen towards the rib cage. The abdominal muscles are sutured together on the median line to strengthen them if they are weak. Umbilical hernia is also corrected, if present. The skin is then stretched and re-draped on the abdomen and the belly button is repositioned. The excess skin and fat tissue are excised, and sutures are used to close the surgical incisions.

If the abdominal area is covered with a thick layer of fat and there are also fat pockets on the flanks, the plastic surgeon might recommend liposuction at the same time with the tummy tuck. Liposuction is used to eliminate some of the fat and reduce the circumference of the abdomen even more.

The reasons why men and women undergo the tummy tuck procedure might be the same; however, the abdominal remodeling for men and the results achieved after the procedure are different. When it comes to the tummy tuck for male patients, there is a different approach to be taken than when the procedure is performed on women.

It is often the case that the tummy tuck for men is performed on an outpatient basis. When it comes to women, in a vast majority of cases, there will be a period of 24-48 hours of hospitalization. The recovery period is also shorter and the healing faster. These are all due to the morphology of men.

Before undergoing this procedure, it is important to know that abdominal fat can also be localized inside the abdominal cavity for men. When it comes to women, fat tends to accumulate under the skin first and only then inside the cavity and around the organs. The plastic surgeon can’t remove the fat inside the abdominal cavity, so it is important to know where fat is located before scheduling your procedure.

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for the procedure now is to see your plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. Some lifestyle changes such as a healthier and more balanced eating regimen and regular physical exercises can help the patient get rid of the visceral fat and make him an eligible candidate for the tummy tuck.

Just as when the procedure is performed on women, the tummy tuck is not a weight loss method and should never be performed on obese patients or patients who are severely overweight as the results might be disappointing.

Generally speaking, the reason why men choose to undergo a tummy tuck procedure is the signs left by aging in the form of skin sagginess in the middle area. As the body is affected by the natural aging process, physical exercises and diets might get less and less effective in helping us have an athletic abdomen. The skin can start sagging due to the loss of elasticity, stretch marks can occur, and the adipose tissue can start to accumulate in the abdominal area.

Like women, massive weight loss can trigger the unaesthetic appearance of the abdominal area. When this is the case, to achieve a youthful aspect of the body, liposuction might be necessary as well. As we have mentioned before, liposuction has an important role in remodeling the adipose tissue on the abdomen in combination with skin excision.

Keep in mind that whatever the surgical options used and the results of the tummy tuck are, you will have to choose a balanced diet and regular physical exercises to be able to sustain them in time. When weight fluctuations occur after the tummy tuck, additional procedures might be required to correct skin sagginess again.


The benefits of having a tummy tuck for male patients

The abdominoplasty can bring several benefits for the patient. Among them we can mention:

–   Achieving a flat and firm abdomen

–   Getting an abdominal profile that looks athletic and attractive

–   Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

–   Improved functionality

–   Easier to find clothes that fit and look good on the body

–   Achieving a more youthful appearance of the body


Cosmetic procedures that can be combined with a tummy tuck

The tummy tuck is quite an invasive procedure; however the results are stunning especially if the procedure is combined with other cosmetic interventions. We have already mentioned the benefits of having liposuction and a tummy tuck done at the same time. Aside from this combination, there is another intervention that can be done at the same time with the tummy tuck for superior aesthetic results: gynecomasty.

Gynecomasty aims to eliminate the excess of mammary gland, fat and skin tissue on the chest. In other words, we use gynecomasty to get rid of female-looking breasts and achieve a masculine chest.

When this procedure is performed in combination with the tummy tuck (usually after bariatric surgery or a major weight loss), the results are superior. The whole appearance of the patient can be significantly improved and the profile enhanced.

Combining procedures is an option only when each of the interventions required are not too lengthy or complex as the surgical time should be kept under six hours for the comfort and well-being of the patient. If additional procedures are required (such as an arm or thigh lift), they can be performed in a separate session.

Keep in mind that it is recommended to wait at least six months in between plastic surgery interventions to allow your body to heal before undergoing surgical trauma again.


When is a good time to have a tummy tuck?

You can schedule your tummy tuck procedure when you are in good health and fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. As the recovery is fast, you might not need more than a week off from work after the procedure. However, this depends on the type of job you have. If lifting heavy objects or performing intense physical exercises is in the job description, you will need more time before getting back to work.

A good time to have a tummy tuck is when your weight is close to normal and you are confident that no significant weight fluctuations will occur in the future.



It is important for any patient to be well-prepared and aware of what to expect before undergoing a plastic surgery procedure, especially a complex one such as the tummy tuck. In this article we have given you important information regarding the tummy tuck procedure for men. To find out more about the intervention and to see if you are an eligible candidate for it, you will need to see a plastic surgeon for a pre-operative consultation. Choose the plastic surgeon wisely as the results of your procedure can greatly depend on his experience and skills.









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