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Body contouring after weight loss

Plastic surgery is not a solution for overweight people but it can significantly help lose excess weight. There are different weight loss programs that one can choose in order to achieve a healthier body. All of these programs advocate proper diet and regular exercise in order to shed body fat.

However, flabby excess skin can be an unwanted side effect of extreme weight loss. Through the help of body contouring, you can achieve a better-looking figure after the weight loss program.

The results from a body contouring procedure may vary as people lose weight differently. The surgery is specifically tailored according to the patient’s needs, which is why a proper consultation with your surgeon is important in order to determine the best procedures to achieve the best results for your body.

Body contouring can be a combination of different procedures: tummy tuck, thigh lift, liposuction, breast lift, upper arm lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, excess skin removal, and facial contouring. Surgeons will determine which procedures can be safely combined for you. As with any major operation, recovery will take a considerable amount of time. Patients will be provided instructions on postoperative care so that recovery will be as smooth and quick as possible.

Patients may heal differently, but it is important to let your surgeon know if you feel different or strange. The patient must be aware of possible complications so they can notify their doctors and prevent life-threatening scenarios.

Like any other surgical procedure, body contouring also results in scars. These scars are due to the incisions made to remove all the excess skin and fat in the body. The scars will eventually heal and lighten over time. There are also different products available to minimize scarring.

Once patients start to heal, they will begin to see the results of all their hard work during the weight loss program. They will be able to see a better silhouette from all the excess skin and stubborn fat that has been removed through surgery. This will provide a confidence boost so that patients can learn to love and appreciate their body more.








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