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How to get rid of the post baby tummy

When a woman gets pregnant, changes in the body occur. The belly stretches to accommodate the growing baby, but the stomach does not immediately return to its normal state after giving birth. In most cases, women develop a small pouch on their belly after pregnancy. This is because diastasis recti, or the separation of abdominal muscles, is a common occurrence after pregnancy. When this happens, the tummy can look big as though the woman is still pregnant, even when they return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Exercise and proper diet will help in losing the belly, though some women resort to surgery in order to remedy this.

A tummy tuck is a popular procedure performed on women after pregnancy. It is a major surgery that deals with removing excess skin and fat in the tummy area. For patients who have split abdominal muscles, suturing can also be done alongside a tummy tuck.

The procedure involves making a horizontal cut spanning from one hip to the other. Excess skin and fat will be removed and a new belly button can be made to ensure it is in the right position. The fat can also be removed through liposuction to prevent the occurrence of a “muffin top” when the patient wears jeans. The skin is tightened and during the recovery, patients are required to be in certain positions such as bending over until the skin loosens up.

As recovery can take time, patients must move around to prevent blood clots from forming. Swelling may also occur, but a drain can be placed to remove any accumulated fluid. Recovery can be especially tough for moms who have children to take care of, so having assistance while recuperating is recommended.

The tummy tuck is an effective procedure to lose one’s belly, though it cannot return the stomach to its original state prior to pregnancy. Make sure to consult with your surgeon to know the risks and complications of getting a tummy tuck, as well as set realistic expectations, in order to ensure your safety and satisfaction.








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