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Can plastic surgery give me an hourglass body shape?

In the past, people could use plastic surgery to enhance different features of the body such as the face or the breasts. However, there was no approach to the body as a whole. Different areas would be treated, and the expected result was supposed to be localized. This is how women ended up with breasts that were huge for their anatomy and caused health issues such as constant pain on the neck, back, and shoulders.

Nowadays it is true that there are still plastic surgeons that have a fractioned image of the body and only address the patient’s concerns without having a proper look at the overall anatomy. However, there are also plastic surgeons who are experienced and knowledgeable enough to know that the body should be seen as a whole and treated as such.

Patients should keep in mind that the first thing that other people notice about us is not the facial details, or the booty or the breasts or the long legs, but the silhouette and its proportions. This is the first thing that people notice, the proportions and the harmony of one’s overall appearance. This is why the hourglass body shape is the most desirable silhouette for a woman.

The hourglass body is characterized by a small waist and large hips. The ratio between the waist and hips should be at least 20%, preferably 30%. These are the alluring curves that we admire in celebrities from all around the globe since time immemorial. But the hourglass silhouette comes naturally at birth to only 8% of the population. This means that the remaining 92% of women need to work to get the most sought-after body shape.

What is remarkable about this body shape is that it looks amazingly hot even in women who are a bit overweight. The proportions are alluring and there is harmony, so a few pounds more or less don’t make such a difference. But a toned body with an hourglass shape is without question incredibly desirable. Working out regularly is good for your health, and you should make physical exercise a priority all the time.

However, how efficient are physical exercises in helping you get the hourglass silhouette? What exercise can do is to tone the muscles of the body and even help you lose weight. As a result, your waist might become slimmer. But can physical exercises add more volume to narrow hips? Unfortunately, no. This is something that can be achieved only with the help of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is the only efficient method that can be used by people who want to get an hourglass body shape. The procedures performed usually involve liposuction and fat transfer to the hips.








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