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Common myths about the tummy tuck debunked

The tummy tuck is a procedure frequently performed in the United States nowadays as it can provide results that could be achieved in no other way. Whether it is sagging skin, skin folds on the inferior part of the tummy, or distended abdominal muscles, there is no amount of physical exercise or diet that can correct these issues. These conditions can only be fixed with the help of plastic surgery, namely the tummy tuck procedure. However, due to the widespread popularity of the procedure, there are several common myths about it. Here are three common myths about the tummy tuck debunked:

1. You will have no skin folds on the tummy when sitting down

Months or weeks after the procedure, the patient notices that when sitting down there is a small skin fold that forms on the lower part of the tummy. Many patients think that because this happens, it means that the procedure was not successful. The reality is that if that skin fold won’t form when sitting down, it would mean that you can’t maintain a straight position while walking because there won’t be enough skin on the tummy to allow this.

It is absolutely normal to have this small skin fold forming on the tummy when sitting down, even after the tummy tuck. If you want to eliminate it and have a perfect and flat tummy in whatever position you might be in, then you will need to tone up the abdominal muscles and also to keep a good posture at all times so you won’t have to worry about skin folds.

2. The pain after the surgery is intense

It is true that the tummy tuck is a complex and major surgical procedure. This is probably the reason why many people believe that the pain to be experienced during the recovery process is quite intense. This is not true. The plastic surgeon will prescribe medication for pain control and also give you a set of instructions that will help alleviate or prevent pain. For example, simple things like lifting your kid in your arms should be avoided for a few weeks to avoid unnecessary pain. The patient is also advised not to lie completely flat on the back as lifting from the bed might be problematic. Instead, use pillows to support the upper part of the body and keep it lifted to 30% at all times when lying down.

3. You always have to walk slightly bent after the surgery

The recommendation is to walk with the upper part slightly bent forward for a week or so after the procedure to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the surgical incisions. After the incisions have closed and healed, there is no reason to keep the slightly bent forward position. The patient having to alter his posture forever after the procedure is a myth.hourglass








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