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Do I Need a Full or Mini Tummy Tuck

One of the most common questions amongst patients coming in for a tummy tuck is whether they can go for a mini tuck, or need a full tummy tuck. The difference in the two procedures depends on your body and the shape it is in, and your desired results.

A mini tummy tuck is the perfect option for those who want to get rid of a small stomach ‘pooch’ on their lower abdomen. Your doctor will make a small incision right around your swimsuit line so that it will not be seen. The length of the incision will depend on how much skin you need pulled down. Then, by pulling excess sagging skin into a taut line, your end result will be washboard abs. Excess skin is attached to deep inner tissue and any excess is cut away. Liposuction can sometimes be combined with a mini tummy tuck.

If however, you have a large amount of excess saggy skin or your upper abdominal an above the belly buttons also need tightening, a full tuck is in order. A full tummy tuck will change your stomach from below the rub cafe to your pubic bone. An incision is made in the swimsuit line, and sometimes a second one on the upper abs. excess skin and sagging are pulled down, and oftentimes it is also combined with some liposuction for optimal results. Just like a mini tuck, the result is nice, flat abs, though you will have more noticeable scarring.

Whatever your desired results, be sure to speak the procedures over carefully with your surgeon. You want to get the type of tummy tuck that is perfect for you, so you can feel great with the least amount of work and recovery needed!









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