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FAQs about the hourglass surgery and results

The hourglass surgery has been developed and perfected with the purpose of helping women achieve the hourglass silhouette that is so sought after nowadays. The reality is that the beautiful curves of the hourglass body shape have always been a dream for most women. What is different now is that this dream can be achieved with the help of plastic surgery.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the hourglass surgery and the results achieved with it:

1. What does the hourglass surgery entail?

In a vast majority of cases, hourglass surgery is a combination of liposuction and fat transfer to the hips. The procedures can be the tummy tuck or butt enhancement procedures; however aside from the traditional methods used to enhance a feature of the body, liposuction and fat transfer to the hips will be performed to perfect the results and help the patient achieve the hourglass silhouette. The procedures are often performed with the patient under general anesthesia and can last between two to five hours or more.

2. Is it more complicated to perform hourglass procedures?

Since hourglass surgery is a combination of several procedures, the plastic surgeon needs to be experienced and board-certified to be able to deliver satisfactory results and also help the patient avoid unnecessary complications. The hourglass procedures are more complicated as they require a deep understanding of the feminine aesthetics and the human body, aside from having top-notch medical acumen.

3. What are the results to be expected?

The results to be expected after the hourglass surgery are an improved aesthetic and overall shape of the body. With an hourglass tummy tuck, the results to be expected are a firm and flat tummy, a smaller waist, and larger hips that create beautiful curves. When the hourglass butt implant surgery is performed, the patient can enjoy not only having larger buttocks, but also curvaceous hips and a smaller waist.

4. Are the results of the hourglass procedures sustainable?

Many patients ask if the results of the hourglass procedures are permanent. We can say that the results are permanent or long-lasting for as long as the patient is committed to maintaining them. In order to sustain the results of the hourglass procedures, the patient should avoid weight fluctuations at all costs. When the patient gains or loses weight, the results of the procedures can be altered and additional procedures might be required to correct the aesthetic flaws that might occur.

When it comes to hourglass procedures, it is also important for the patient not to have ulterior pregnancies as the changes in the body that occur during pregnancy can also negatively impact the results of the hourglass surgery.








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