How well will the tummy tuck enhance your overall silhouette? - Hourglass Tummy Tuck
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How well will the tummy tuck enhance your overall silhouette?

The tummy tuck is often performed for aesthetic purposes. In other words, the patient is unhappy with the unsightly aspect of the abdominal wall and wants to get a flatter and firmer tummy. Resorting to plastic surgery to correct flaws is in many cases the only solution viable. When it comes to the sagginess of skin on the inferior part of the tummy, or the skin fold that we often call “the belly apron,” there is usually no amount of physical exercise or diet that will correct it. Whenever there is a certain level of excess skin and fat tissue, the only effective solution is to excise it.

During the tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon will strengthen the loose abdominal muscles and also correct other imperfections of the abdominal wall such as umbilical hernia if it is present. This is done so the abdomen can become firmer and smoother after the procedure.

Many patients tend to believe that after undergoing a tummy tuck, their overall silhouette will be greatly improved and they will have the curves and body shape they have always dreamed of. But this is not always the case. Of course, if an unsightly appearance of the tummy tuck was your only concern and the rest of the body is looking great and in perfect harmony with each other, the tummy tuck will greatly enhance your overall silhouette. But if you have other aesthetic issues such as a considerable adipose deposit on the tummy or the flanks, they will be left intact even after a tummy tuck.

The traditional tummy tuck procedure will enhance your overall silhouette and improve your profile if you initially had a nice body shape that you were happy with and no significant fat layer of fat on the tummy. For example, this could be the case with women who had multiple pregnancies and the appearance of the tummy became flawed due to the distension of the abdominal muscles. However, for patients who ended up with an unsightly abdomen due to considerable weight fluctuations or aging, the traditional tummy tuck might leave them with a rectangular shape as the deposits of fat that commonly accumulate on the flanks won’t be removed. To correct this, another procedure is performed for the purpose of enhancing the overall silhouette of the patient. This procedure is called the hourglass tummy tuck and is recommended for women who want to achieve a superior result to the traditional tummy tuck method and see a considerable improvement in their body shape after the surgery.

The hourglass tummy tuck is a combination of plastic surgery procedures and often includes liposuction, tummy tuck and a fat transfer to the hips. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the recovery period is no longer than two weeks.








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