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How much fat is removed from each area during liposuction

While liposuction is a very effective treatment for the poorly contoured body resulting from the development of stubborn fat pockets, there are many patients who are unaware of some important facts about this procedure. In fact, most patients consider it a weight loss method, thinking huge volumes of fat is removed from the body during the surgery.

The amount of fat that can be safely removed from your body depends on a number of factors. Removing more than the ideal volume of fat during a single liposuction session can be life threatening because it will create a fluid imbalance in your body. Your body size, the number of liposuction sites, and volume of fat on each site are the important factors that will be taken into account. Aside from these, your overall health will also be considered to decide how much fat can be removed from your body.

Some surgeons remove up to ten liters of fat from the body of their patients which is a huge volume and entails a greater risk. I rigorously vet my patients and do a number of assessments before they go under the knife. However, the average amount of fat I normally remove is between 3-6 liters in a single liposuction session. If you want to get rid of more fat from your body, you may be required to have more than one liposuction. This is done for the patient’s own safety.

However, the use of tumescent solution makes it possible to safely remove a decent amount of fat in a single session. The tumescent solution not only makes the surgery less difficult but also contains the loss of blood during the procedure, which helps keep your body fluids at a good level. Without the use of the tumescent solution, it wouldn’t be possible to remove a good volume of fat safely from your body because the liposuction sites will bleed.

It is important for your plastic surgeon to adhere to the fat removal limit imposed on liposuction by the ASPS. The limit stands at no more than 5 liters of fat removal from the body during a single session. If more than this volume of fat is removed from the body, the patient will be kept in the surgical facility or hospital overnight, so that his/her health could be monitored.

Luckily, for majority of patients, removing 5 liters of fat from the body is more than enough to beautifully contour the body. As a result, most patients do not need to undergo a second or third liposuction session.








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