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How prominent will the tummy tuck scar be?

The length and appearance of the tummy tuck scar are dependent on many factors. Many patients are worried that if they undergo this procedure, they will be left with a big scar that is visible and will be an aesthetic impediment for them in the long run.

Things are very different in reality. Before anything else, we should consider the fact that this procedure is recommended for patients with a considerable amount of skin sagginess on the abdominal area. In many cases, the skin fold present on the inferior part of the abdomen is partly or completely covering the pubic area. After the procedure, the patient will be left with a scar positioned over the pubic area that could go from hip to hip on a horizontal line.

Once the cicatrization process is complete and the scars have fully matured, the incisions left after the tummy tuck will look like fine, white lines. Moreover, an experienced plastic surgeon will be able to position the incision in a way that it is easily masked with lingerie or bathing suits. When the cicatrization process goes smoothly and abnormal scars don’t occur, the scar left after the tummy tuck will look much better than a stretch mark and will be more difficult to notice.

To ensure the scar will be close to impossible to notice, it is important for the patient to follow a set of post-operative instructions. For example, sun exposure is to be avoided for at least six months after the procedure, and after this time the patient should use creams with a high UV factor to prevent discoloration or hyperpigmentation of the scars. Moreover, wearing the compression garments is mandatory as they will help to get a small scar. Avoiding intense physical exercises and any other type of pressure on the incision site the weeks after the procedure is essential to developing a nice, small scar that will be barely visible.

The scar after the tummy tuck can also extend to the flanks if an extended tummy tuck was performed. This means that aside from the incision that goes from hip to hip and the one around the navel, the patient might also have additional incisions on the flanks. These incisions are often a continuation of the main horizontal incision and go up the hip bone and around it towards the back. These incisions are often necessary for patients who previously had bariatric surgery or used another method to lose a significant amount of weight.

In a vast majority of cases, the incisions of the tummy tuck are not overly prominent and certainly don’t create an aesthetic issue, not even for patients who had an extended tummy tuck. When thinking about the scars of the tummy tuck, make sure to weigh in the benefits of the procedure and the relief that will come with a flatter and firmer tummy.








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