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How to prepare for the tummy tuck

The tummy tuck is commonly performed nowadays all over the United States as it can help the patient regain a beautiful appearance of the abdominal area. While the procedure is performed mostly for aesthetic purposes, it requires a certain level of preparation before the procedure takes place.

During the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon, he will give you the instructions for preparing for the tummy tuck. Before anything else, the patient should prepare physically for the procedure. This means that the month before the operation is scheduled, the patient is advised to stop birth control pills. Around the same time, it is also recommended to stop smoking as this can affect the recovery process and also trigger unwanted complications after the procedure. Anti-inflammatory medication, as well as natural supplements, should be avoided for no less than two weeks before the procedure to prevent complications such as excessive bleeding.

Aside from these recommendations, there are other things that the patient should do to prepare for the tummy tuck procedure. Certain tests will be recommended by the plastic surgeon, and a meeting with the anesthetist will take place before the surgery. The patient should keep a balanced eating regimen in the weeks prior to the procedure. It is essential not to keep a strict diet with a low-calorie intake as this can prolong the recovery process. The body needs to be in good condition and to have enough energy, vitamins, and minerals to recover quickly after the procedure.

The patient is also advised to talk to family and friends about the procedure. This is important for many reasons. Before anything else, the patient should ask someone to come pick her up from the medical facility after the procedure as driving home after the tummy tuck is not possible nor recommended. Moreover, the plastic surgeon’s recommendation is to have someone else in the house with the patient for the first 24-48 hours after the surgery, just in case complications occur or the patient will need help with different things. Due to the length of the incision and its position on the lower part of the abdomen, even simple tasks such as lifting a small child from the ground can prove to be impossible to perform and are strictly forbidden. This is the reason why it is important to have someone around the house to give you a hand for a few days after the procedure. Make sure to arrange this in advance.

The house should also be stocked with food and entertainment for your return home. The first few days after the procedure will be spent mostly in bed, so it is good to have some entertainment available.








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