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Importance of realistic goals and expectations for the tummy tuck

If you have a look online at the sites of certain plastic surgeons, it will look like there is magic in their work. The reality is very far from this. Often when you see a work of art resulting from the hands of a plastic surgeon, we are really talking about many years of experience, a keen eye for detail, and a deep understanding of the human anatomy.

Probably because plastic surgery seems to work magic, there are some people who tend to believe that plastic surgery can be used to turn them into their favorite celebrity or into something very different from what they are. And this is a quest that some people embarked on and the results were terrifying in a vast majority of cases.

Plastic surgery is not meant to be used to completely transform the appearance of the patient, but to emphasize and accentuate the best parts while erasing some flaws. This is the reason why your plastic surgeon will stress the importance of having realistic goals and expectations for the tummy tuck surgery.

Bringing pictures for the pre-operative consultation might help your plastic surgeon better understand your goals. However, you should also understand that the plastic surgeon won’t be able to make your tummy look exactly like in the picture. Before anything else, you need to understand the anatomy of the midline. During the tummy tuck surgery, all the plastic surgeon does is work on the abdominal wall – the muscles, layer of fat and skin. The plastic surgeon doesn’t work on the inside of the abdominal cavity, not even on the flanks with a traditional tummy tuck. This means that the patient will be left with a flat and firm tummy, but not necessarily a smaller waist. If you want the waist to be smaller, you need to understand that this is dependent on many factors, and the most important of them all is your current anatomy and weight.

The tummy tuck is often not enough to deliver the results expected by the patient, and this is the reason why so many plastic surgeons choose to recommend and combine it with liposuction and fat transfer to the hips. These combined procedures can deliver superior aesthetic results that will be more to the satisfaction of the patient. However, all these details should be discussed during the pre-operative consultation for the tummy tuck.

Aside from the aesthetic expectations, it is also important for the patient to understand what to expect in terms of recovery period as well as the risks and complications that can occur during or after the tummy tuck.

Having realistic goals and expectations for the tummy tuck surgery is important for the patient not to be unhappy after the surgery is over. Moreover, it should help the patient better prepare for the post-op stage.








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