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Will my abdomen become loose again after the tummy tuck?

Patients resort to the tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin on their abdomen. Skin sagginess can occur as a result of multiple pregnancies, weight fluctuations, and even something simple and natural like the aging process.

Before scheduling to get a firm and flat tummy, many patients want to know if the results of the procedure are permanent or if the abdomen can become loose again even after the procedure.

When it comes to the results of the tummy tuck, there are many factors that can decide the success of the procedure. Before anything else, the experience and skills of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure are important. It is important for the plastic surgeon to be board-certified to get the best results possible. The patient’s dedication to achieving and sustaining the results of the procedure is important as well. During the recovery period, the patient is advised not to lie or sleep on the tummy and also to wear compression garments. These recommendations will help the patient avoid unwanted complications and also get beautiful results.

To sustain the results of the tummy tuck, the patient will be advised to avoid significant weight fluctuations. Even an ulterior pregnancy can alter the results achieved with the tummy tuck. In other words, a responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that your abdomen might become loose again if you get pregnant again or gain or lose weight. This is the reason why during the pre-operative consultation, it is imperative to discuss your future plans with him. If you feel that your family is not complete and you want to have more children in the future, the plastic surgeon will probably advise you to postpone the surgery until later on in life.

At the same time, if your weight is not close to the ideal or has been fluctuating over the last year, the plastic surgeon might also advise you to postpone the procedure. It is important for patients undergoing the tummy tuck to be close to their normal weight. Moreover, the weight of the patient should have been constant for a period of over six months, preferably a year. This will help not only achieve better results but also sustain the results for longer after the procedure.

Another important factor that could make the abdomen loose again is the natural aging process. Your abdominal area will be affected by the passing of time and gravity, just like your whole body. This means that if you undergo a tummy tuck in your 40s, chances are your tummy will look great and youthful for many years and you won’t need another procedure. However, if you get the tummy tuck in your 20s (often for patients who had bariatric surgery), chances are that additional procedures might be required later on in life as the tummy will be affected by the passing of time.








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