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Improvement in self-esteem after a tummy tuck

Nowadays many patients seek help from plastic surgery to alleviate emotional discomfort due to a certain physical imperfection they had to live with. When it comes to the abdomen, this feature of the body is one that greatly influences our overall appearance and also the way we see and feel about ourselves.

It is not uncommon for people confronted with a saggy and unsightly abdominal area to feel bad about their self-image and also to avoid social situations in which they would have to show off their bodies, such as going to the beach or the pool. Moreover, even something simple and pleasurable like buying or choosing clothes to wear can be a struggle for people who have significant tummy skin folds that are difficult to hide under normal clothes. Most patients will mention that before the tummy tuck, they never got to wear certain clothes such as fitted suits, dresses or skirts because they didn’t look good on the tummy.

After the tummy tuck, the results of the procedure are immediate. The patient will notice that the tummy is flatter and firmer and there is no sagginess on the lower part. However, the final results of the tummy tuck will transpire in time, usually taking three to six months for them to be apparent. During this time, there are different side effects of the procedure such as swelling and bruising that need to subside first to be able to evaluate the results properly.

The results of the tummy tuck would be a firmer and flatter abdominal area and an improved profile or body shape if the patient had the hourglass tummy tuck surgery. Aside from the aesthetic improvements, many patients declare they noticed an improvement in the quality of life and also a boost of self-esteem that they associated with undergoing the procedure.

After the tummy tuck, the patient will be able to wear whatever type of clothes he or she desires. Moreover, there is no need to fear or avoid social situations or to get naked in front of your intimate partner. In many cases, the patients are so happy with the results of the procedure that they completely change their fashion style and are also more willing to engage in sports or other social activities.

When the procedure is performed on patients who had bariatric surgery, the improvement in the levels of self-esteem is even more significant. After massive weight loss, most patients can’t enjoy the results as the body becomes riddled with skin folds and sagginess. When the tummy tuck is performed to perfect the results of bariatric surgery, the patient can see a considerable increase in the levels of self-esteem.








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