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Tips to expedite the healing process after the tummy tuck

The tummy tuck is a complex surgical procedure. This means that the healing process can take a while and it is important for the patient to follow certain instructions for a faster and smoother recovery period.

When it comes to tips to expedite the healing process after the tummy tuck, it is your plastic surgeon who will give you a list of must-dos. Among these things include:

– Eat fruits and vegetables

The healing process is dependent on the health condition of your body. If your body is suffering due to an improper eating regimen, the recovery period can be longer and more problematic. This is the reason why a good tip to follow after the tummy tuck is to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can have the fruits and vegetables as snacks, side dishes and even as freshly squeezed juices. They will provide your body the minerals and vitamins necessary for the healing process while also keeping complications at bay such as constipation, for example.

– Don’t smoke

This is both a tip and a strong recommendation, and your plastic surgeon should make sure you are aware of the risks of smoking before and after plastic surgery. Smoking can trigger unwanted complications and also alter the aesthetic results achieved with the tummy tuck and prolong the recovery process. When the patient smokes, the blood going to the tissues lacks a proper amount of oxygen, so the tissues that were operated on can take much longer to heal.

– Get enough rest

While you might think that getting off the bed and getting to work shortly after the surgery is a good idea, any responsible and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will tell you that it is certainly not a way to expedite healing. Your body needs rest after the surgery, so if you want a faster recovery, the best thing you can do is get enough rest and give your body the much-needed time out. Of course, keep in mind that walking around the house every few hours is essential after the procedure to avoid the formation of blood clots.

– Keep the surgical site clean and dry

There are many forum threads about products, creams, and lotions to apply on the surgical wounds to expedite the healing process. The best thing you can do is avoid all types and products and do not apply anything to the wound unless your plastic surgeon instructs you to do so. The surgical site should be kept clean and dry to promote a fast and smooth healing, so make sure to do exactly this. You can use an antibacterial soap when cleaning the incision site, and silicone sheets can also be recommended by the plastic surgeon. However, it is important not to apply any other gels or creams when the wounds are still not completely closed as it could trigger infections.








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