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Is the recovery difficult after the tummy tuck?

Is the recovery difficult after the tummy tuck?


When considering undergoing the tummy tuck, many patients are concerned about how the recovery period is going to be. As the tummy tuck is indeed a very serious surgical procedure which entails significant incisions and also the removal of the excess skin tissue on the tummy, this is a normal concern. 

It is important for patients to get all the details about the recovery process even before they schedule their procedure. The recovery period after the tummy tuck is for most patients about two weeks, but during this time they are advised to take time off from work and avoid certain physically demanding activities. 

The patient can return home the same day of the procedure, as long as no complications occur. However, the first two to three days post-op can be difficult for the patient. Just like any other surgery, there will be a certain level of pain and discomfort to be experienced in the first few days. At the beginning of the recovery period, the patient needs to pay a lot of attention not to put too much pressure on the incisions. This means not sleeping on the tummy, getting on and off the bed with care, walking with the back slightly bent forward, etc. Even simple things like sneezing, coughing, and laughing too hard need to be avoided for the first few days post-op as otherwise, the incisions might open. The opening of the incisions can lead to infections, so this is something we are trying to avoid at all costs. 

Aside from the first few days that are considered a period of adjustment for the patient, the recovery after the tummy tuck is not overly difficult. The pain and discomfort often occur just during the first few days and can easily be contained with the help of pain medication. To avoid the risk of developing an infection, the plastic surgeon will also give you antibiotics treatment for five days post-op. If you have an increased risk to develop a blood clot, the plastic surgeon might also prescribe anticoagulants.

After the patient gets used to the swelling and bruising that can naturally occur after any type of surgery, the rest of the recovery period should run smoothly and uneventfully.

Keep in mind that it is essential for the success of your procedure and if you want to avoid complications not to lift any heavy objects from the floor. The plastic surgeon will advise you to walk around the room every couple of hours for about ten minutes or more, but more intense physical activities are strictly contraindicated. 

Having a preexisting health condition can prolong healing and make the recovery more difficult for the patient. This is why it is important to be in top health and emotional condition before undergoing an abdominoplasty. 








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