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Specific results that can be achieved with an hourglass tummy tuck

Specific results that can be achieved with an hourglass tummy tuck


The hourglass tummy tuck is the procedure recommended for women who want to correct the imperfections present on the tummy but also to get a more alluring body shape with curves in all the right places. The plastic surgeon will use a combination of liposuction, fat transfer to the hips, and abdominoplasty techniques to deliver results that are superior to what can be achieved when the patient undergoes a classic tummy tuck. 

The hourglass tummy tuck has actually been created and developed with the aim of correcting the shortcomings of the classic tummy tuck. For patients with unwanted adipose tissue on the tummy and the flanks, undergoing a traditional tummy tuck might not lead to the best possible results. When the classic tummy tuck is performed, the plastic surgeon will make an incision on the lower part of the tummy, lift the skin tissue higher on the chest wall, and strengthen loose abdominal muscles. After this stage is completed, the skin will be re-draped on the muscles and the excess of skin is removed. 

As you can see, the classic tummy tuck has no effect on the layer of adipose tissue on the tummy or the flanks. The procedure only works on the muscles of the abdominal wall to bring them together on the median line and on the skin to eliminate the surplus in the area. But the layer of fat is left intact after the procedure, and this can lead to an unsightly appearance of the body, despite getting a firm and flat tummy. 

The specific results that can be achieved with an hourglass tummy tuck are on the whole body, not just the abdominal wall. Liposuction is performed on the midline, so the thickness of the adipose layer on the abdominal wall is reduced and the fat accumulation on the flanks are eliminated. As a result, the waist becomes smaller and the profile of the patient is improved. Then, we use the fat that is collected from the midline where it is unwanted, purify it, and transfer it to the hips to give them more volume. As a result, the hips will be wider and beautiful curves will appear. The patient will enjoy having an hourglass body shape instead of the square shape of the body that can result when the traditional tummy tuck is performed. 

It is also important to mention that the considerable improvement on the silhouette comes with little scars on the donor areas and the hips, aside from the scars left behind by the abdominoplasty. The plastic surgeon only needs tiny incisions to perform liposuction and then to transfer the fat to the hips, so there will be no more scarring left behind compared to when the classic method is performed. 








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