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Learn all about the hourglass tummy tuck

Learn all about the hourglass tummy tuck



The abdomen is among the most critical areas of the body that defines your physical appearance. Women desire to have firmer, smoother, and shapelier abdomen because it enhances their overall physical appearance. Unfortunately, many factors affect the female abdomen, making it saggy, loose, and poorly shaped. The leading factors that make the stomach saggy include pregnancy, massive weight fluctuations, aging, genetics, and gravity. 

When the abdomen becomes saggy, it not only looks aesthetically unwelcoming but also affects your overall body outline and definition in negative ways. As a result, the patient experiences self-esteem issues. The tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that restores your firmer and youthful abdomen; however, the results are often not sustainable. On the other hand, the hourglass tummy tuck is a modern and more effective version of tummy tuck that delivers long-lasting results. As the name suggests, it also offers you the most revered hourglass body. This procedure introduces multiple aesthetic features to your body. 


What is the hourglass tummy tuck?

The hourglass body is one of the most popular female body types. It features wider hips and a smaller and firmer abdomen. The hourglass tummy tuck comes with three goals: to restore your tighter and youthful abdomen, to widen your hips, and to make your waist smaller. In case your belly has become saggy due to factors like pregnancy, aging, etc., and you want not only to get firmer abdomen but also the hourglass shape, you may consider getting the hourglass tummy tuck.

The hourglass tummy tuck uses different, complex approaches and advanced surgical skills to deliver you the desired aesthetic improvements. The plastic surgeon needs to have a deep understanding of the hourglass figure, besides the surgical skills, sense of aesthetics, and experience to mold your body into the desired shape. 

This procedure uses not only the modern tummy tuck techniques but also liposuction and fat transfer to enhance your body. The hourglass body is the most illustrious female figure right now. It not only makes you look aesthetically welcoming but also more feminine and fertile. The surgery involves removal of the excess skin from your abdomen, tightening of the abdominal wall muscles, lifting of the navel, liposuction, contouring of the belly, and fat injection into the hips. 


Difference between traditional abdominoplasty and the hourglass tummy tuck 

The hourglass tummy tuck is different than the traditional tummy tuck in that the conventional method only makes your abdomen firmer, but the hourglass tummy tuck delivers you multiple aesthetic benefits, especially the hourglass body. The traditional tummy tuck has a single goal: to makes your saggy abdomen firmer. The procedure can effectively make your abdomen firmer and smooth. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon makes incisions on the abdomen and then removes the excess skin. He will then tighten the abdominal wall muscles, reposition the belly button, and then suture and close the incisions by using only your skin. The results of the traditional tummy tuck are not sustainable in that only the skin holds your newly contoured abdomen is in place. As you age, your belly may gradually become saggy again. 

When it comes to the hourglass tummy tuck, it delivers you many benefits. It involves the use of modern techniques and approaches. One of the main advantages of this procedure is that it can make your abdomen firmer and youthful on a permanent basis. The plastic surgeon will use not only your skin to suture the stomach but also the abdominal wall muscles and ligaments, making the results are permanent. Furthermore, you will get the most desired hourglass body as a result. 


Steps of the hourglass tummy tuck

The hourglass tummy tuck is a highly invasive procedure. To ensure your comfort during the surgery, it is performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, and the plastic surgeon will begin the operation by making incisions on the abdomen. The size and shape of the incisions depend on how saggy your tummy is and how firmer you want it to be. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will tighten the loose abdominal muscles by accessing them through the skin. Keep in mind that a leading reason why the abdomen becomes saggy is a separation of the abdominal wall muscles. 

After tightening the muscles, the surgeon will excise the excess skin from the abdomen. The amount of skin that should be removed will be determined during the pre-operative consultation. In most cases, a horizontal incision is made in the area between the belly button and the pubic hairline to remove the excess skin. In case the upper abdomen also has surplus skin, then another incision will be made around the navel to remove the skin. During this process, the doctor will unveil the abdominal skin and then remove the saggy portion of the skin. 

Next, he will check whether your belly button is also saggy and pointing downward. To treat the condition, he will reposition the belly button higher on the abdomen so that it can look aesthetically welcoming. He will then re-drape the remaining skin and suture it by using the skin, abdominal muscles, and ligaments. The incisions will then be closed with skin adhesives and bandages. 

Now that the first goal of the surgery has been achieved, the plastic surgeon will start to sculpt your body into the hourglass shape. To accomplish this goal, he will first perform liposuction on the body areas that possess excess fat, particularly the sides, abdomen, love handles, and upper back. Liposuction of these areas will not only contour them and make your waist smaller, but it will also gather fat for transfer to your hips. Liposuction involves tiny incisions on the target area and the insertion of a small hollow tube called a cannula in the target area through the incision. The tube is then moved back and forth while a tumescent solution is introduced in the area. As a result, the excess fat is dislodged and then suctioned out with a suction pump or special syringe. 

After the excess fat is removed from all target areas, your waist will become smaller. The plastic surgeon will then process and purify the fat collected during liposuction. The surgeon will spin the fat in a centrifuge to remove the impurities, blood, fluids, and dead and damaged fat cells. He will then carefully inject the healthy and living fat cells into your hips with a special needle. When all the fat cells have been injected into the hips, the surgery will come to an end. 


Recovery and results

The recovery period is an essential process in achieving the results promised by the hourglass tummy tuck. Your recovery will begin immediately after the procedure and continue for many weeks. The initial two weeks following the operation are critical concerning recovery. Full recovery after the hourglass tummy tuck will take six weeks. 

While the six weeks are crucial, the first two weeks are the defining moments. During this time, you must avoid work and instead rest and focus on your recovery. You need to provide enough time for your body to heal the incisions. Also, the fat grafts injected into your hips require time to get blood supply and nurture. 

You may resume work two weeks after the procedure, but make sure to avoid physically demanding activities and tasks. Also, do not sit for a prolonged time as the pressure applied to the hips can lead to damage or death of the fat grafts. Furthermore, make sure to sleep on your side and not on your front or back during the first two weeks. 

Since complete recovery can take six weeks, it is crucial for the patient to avoid any activities that can strain the incisions and apply pressure to the hips. After six weeks, you can then gradually resume your routine activities. The results of the hourglass tummy tuck will take time to transpire. 

After the procedure, your abdomen and the liposuction areas will be swollen and bruised. Furthermore, the fat cells injected into the hips require time to nurture and expand. It can take many weeks and even months for the results of the surgery to transpire. When the results finally emerge, you will see that your abdomen has become firmer, youthful, shapelier and smooth. Furthermore, your waist will become smaller and your hips will widen, which will make you look beautiful, more feminine, and sexy. 



Women are sensitive when it comes to the features of their abdomen and their overall body shape. The belly is subject to many aesthetic flaws. Factors like pregnancy and weight changes can make the abdomen saggy. A saggy abdomen looks aesthetically unwelcoming, which is why many women go under the knife to restore their firmer abdomen. The hourglass tummy tuck is a modern plastic surgery procedure that not only makes your abdomen firmer and youthful but also delivers you the revered female body shape called the hourglass body, which features wider hips and a smaller waist. 



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