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Changes in wardrobe after abdominoplasty

Changes in wardrobe after abdominoplasty


The unsightly appearance of the tummy can cause real emotional discomfort for patients, not to mention physical discomforts due to the presence of the belly apron, which are the skin folds that are in excess on the inferior part of the tummy. Many patients undergoing bariatric surgery choose to refine their body after weight loss occurs with the help of plastic surgery. This is a very good idea as there aren’t many things patients can do to get rid of the excess skin that normally occurs after weight loss. 

The tummy tuck is performed under general anesthetic and can last up to four hours or more, depending on the complexity of each case. As a rule of thumb, the more excess skin the patient has, the longer the procedure will take. The procedure often requires two incisions, one on the suprapubic area and one around the navel in case it is repositioned, but for patients of bariatric surgery, incisions can also be performed on the flanks if the extended tummy tuck is recommended.

Patients with an excess of skin and loose abdominal muscles know how difficult it can be to find suitable clothing that will accommodate the surplus of skin folds on the lower part of the tummy and also look good on them. In many cases, these patients struggle to find clothes before the tummy tuck surgery is performed and they can also choose to avoid situations when they need to be dressed in a bathing suit or lingerie. 

The changes in the wardrobe after an abdominoplasty can be spectacular and can take the patient by surprise if they don’t know what to expect. After the abdominoplasty, there will be no excess of skin on the tummy and the midline will also be slimmer and more defined if liposuction is performed together with the tummy tuck. This means that the patient will have a better-defined midline and abdominal wall that allows for different clothing options.

The first thing you should do after the procedure is make sure you have comfortable clothing for the recovery period. Blouses with buttons and sweatpants or leggings are ideal because they are easy to put on and take off so you won’t struggle with clothing the first few days post-op when the level of pain and discomfort can be more intense.

The long-term changes in the wardrobe are clothes that are a few sizes smaller and also a different style. The tummy will be defined and the waistline smaller, so the patient will find it easy to choose a fashion style that will compliment and emphasize the new body and the new flat and firm tummy. Patients who never wore fitted dresses or pants can now discover how well this type of clothing can look on them. The changes in the wardrobe after an abdominoplasty are unavoidable, but make sure to wait at least three months post-op before going shopping. 








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