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Liposuction and sagging skin

In order to deal with excess fat deposits in the body, one can decide to go for a liposuction procedure. Liposuction is considered as a minimally invasive surgery because it doesn’t make a very large incision on the skin and tissues. Only a small incision is necessary for the procedure.

Liposuction is a procedure that deals with the excess fat in different areas of the body. Although it can remove fat, it is not a weight loss solution. It only helps people who have stubborn and excess amounts of fat. When the fat is removed, the skin over that area becomes more elastic because the fat that used to occupy it is now gone. The loose skin may not be noticeable and the procedure still results in a smoothly draped skin over the area.

The skin is naturally elastic and it can tighten or stretch when needed. Different people have different skin elasticity, which is why different results may be seen from one patient to another. The greater the amount of fat removed, the more likely it is for a patient to have loose or sagging skin in that area. If liposuction is done on several small areas only, the skin could loosen up after the liposuction, but it could also tighten over time.

However, there are also cases when the liposuction produces sagging. This is especially true when there is a huge amount of fat that is removed from a specific area in the body. For some, the skin can tighten slightly, but there will still be loose skin. Others might also need additional procedures in order to improve their skin’s condition.

The ability of the skin to stretch and tighten depends on its elasticity. The surgeons can help you determine whether your skin has good elasticity. This is why patients should go for a consultation with a certified and experienced surgeon for their surgery. In this way, surgeons can tell their patients whether the liposuction procedure will match them or if they need another kind of surgery.

The current skin or state of the patient’s body is also a factor on whether or not the skin will sag. In some cases, there is already sagging skin even before the liposuction procedure. This is observed in patients who have already lost a significant amount of weight and are still looking to lose the remaining stubborn fat. Liposuction may not be the best surgical procedure for them.

Liposuction procedures that remove only small amounts of fat in the body can yield great results. The loose skin is not obvious and improves with time. Although many people think that removing the most amount of fat is best, it is sometimes not true. Over liposuction of an area can yield an unpleasant result. Liposuction helps sculpt the body by removing fat. It is therefore important to make sure that the surgeon you work with has a lot of experience and is certified to do the procedure.









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