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Get rid of your post-baby belly now

A woman’s body goes through innumerable changes when she gets pregnant and gives birth. Although having a child is a very fulfilling experience, it can also bring unwanted changes to the body. During pregnancy, the skin is stretched because of the growth of the abdomen, breasts, thighs and other areas. After delivery, you can have sagginess as a result of the extensive stretching of the skin, a web of stretch marks, as well as stubborn fat deposits that are very difficult to burn and remove. Women can improve their post partum body through diet and exercise, but many will have difficulty reverting to their pre-pregnancy body.

When a woman has already done workouts and diets in order to get the body that she wants and still fails, she can become depressed. It can lead to loss of confidence and poor body image. Fortunately, in a society with a growing acceptance of plastic surgery, surgeons offer a solution to get rid of the post-baby belly through a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover surgery.

A tummy tuck surgery will mainly address the abdominal area. In this surgical procedure, excess skin and fat will be removed and weakened or separated muscles in the abdominal wall are tightened. In some women, the muscles in the abdomen split and this causes the pouch-like, flabby appearance. This can be remedied by suturing the muscles at the same time the tummy tuck surgery is performed to achieve a tighter, flatter, and firmer abdomen.

A mommy makeover on the other hand is a more extensive kind of surgery that refers to a series of procedures designed to address post pregnancy flaws in your body. Aside from the tummy tuck procedure, it is also combined with other surgeries that will help improve the appearance of the body. The procedures that would be included in the mommy makeover would depend on the body of the patient. Some may need a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation along with the tummy tuck surgery.

Before deciding to go through surgery, it is important for mothers to take a look at their lifestyle. They should remember that the effects of the surgical procedures can be reversed when they do not watch what they eat or do not do regular workouts to maintain the shape of their body. Surgical procedures are ideal for those who have already lost weight after giving birth because it only removes the stubborn fat that is attached to the skin. It cannot remove the fat that may be surrounding the organs.

Those who are going to go through surgery to remove their post-baby belly should also have realistic expectations when it comes to the results of the surgery. Although it can lead to a flatter and more toned abdominal profile, patients should also remember that there will be accompanying scars due to the incisions made during the surgery. There is also a recovery period that they have to go through before they can fully appreciate and enjoy the beneficial effects on their body.

Some moms can live with the new body that they have after childbirth, while others wish they can still bring back their pre-pregnancy bodies. Going through surgery to improve the appearance of the body is a personal decision that they have to make. Indeed, it is a life changing decision that needs serious consideration and careful study.









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