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Liposuction to achieve the hourglass shape

Even though the hourglass body has remained as one of the most admired body shapes for thousands of years now, the enthusiasm of women around this certain figure has never been so immense. Over the last five years, tens of thousands of women have gone under the knife to get the hourglass body, which features a smaller waist, wider hips, bigger butts, and shapelier busts.

While there are a number of plastic surgery procedures to achieve the hourglass shape, the hourglass liposuction is a popular method to get the figure of your dreams. However, you should remember that the hourglass liposuction is not the same as the traditional liposuction surgery.

The goal of the traditional liposuction is to contour your body by removing the stubborn fat pockets, whereas the goal of the hourglass liposuction is to deliver a smaller waist to hip ratio by sculpting particular areas of the body such as the waist, sides, flanks, upper back, and thighs. This necessitates the use of special surgical techniques and a greater sense of aesthetics and artistry.

The hourglass liposuction, which is performed under general anesthesia, involves surgical excision of the fat from different areas of the body. This is followed by detailed contouring of the specific regions to achieve the desired ratio. When your waist becomes smaller after the liposuction, your buttocks will appear prominent, and your hips will appear wider. However, if your butt is small and your hips are narrow, the fat removed from your body can be injected into those areas to meet the standards of the hourglass body.

Dr. Wilberto Cortes, who is more popular as Dr. Hourglass, first developed the hourglass liposuction. While the procedure has gone mainstream, it is important to vet your plastic surgeon before going under the knife. The hourglass liposuction calls for special approaches that only a fully trained, board-certified plastic surgeon can perform. You must make sure that the plastic surgeon understands the characteristics and qualities of the hourglass shape, and has a great sense of body aesthetics and artistry, along with having advanced plastic surgery experience and skills.

The results of the hourglass liposuction are impressive. After the surgery, your body will appear like an hourglass, no matter if it is viewed from the front, back, or sides. You can use the procedure in association with other interventions to further enhance and tone your body.

The hourglass liposuction involves a number of risks and potential complications. Your plastic surgeon will carefully evaluate your body and your physical and mental health before proceeding with the surgery. You should make sure to share your complete health and medications history with the surgeon during the initial consultation.

Also, you must clearly communicate your aesthetic goals to the plastic surgeon so that he can understand your requirements. Your goals should also be realistic, reasonable, and achievable because the hourglass liposuction is not magic that can fully transform you into someone out of this world. However, the procedure can introduce dramatic improvements to your body aesthetics.








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