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Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is done to remove the excess skin around the abdominal area. The excess skin can be a result of the weight loss that the patient has gone through. It is also possible that a mom who has gone through pregnancy wants a tummy tuck surgery to get back the body she once had.

For mothers or women, it is advisable to get the tummy tuck surgery after they are done having children. This is because the skin on the tummy won’t have to stretch anymore to compensate for the growing tummy. This is an ideal setting, but there are times when a woman gets pregnant even after a tummy tuck surgery.

A tummy tuck surgery doesn’t hinder any woman to get pregnant. If the safety of the baby and the mother is a concern, you will be relieved to know that the baby and the mom are safe even when the mother has a tummy tuck. The uterus still grows, and the skin will still stretch to accommodate the growing baby.

One thing that should be noted is that a pregnancy can affect the results of the previous tummy tuck surgery. It is possible for some women to enjoy the tummy tuck results even after they give birth. On the other hand, there are also women who need a little bit of touch up due to the pregnancy.

Due to the stretching of the skin, it is possible there can be excess skin once again. Some women go back to their surgeons to have their tummy tuck surgery again while there are those who don’t. It is a personal preference whether you still want to get a touch-up or not.

The reason why most surgeons will suggest that you get a tummy tuck only when you are done having children is to avoid undergoing another tummy tuck surgery again. For women who get pregnant unexpectedly after their tummy tuck, it can be scary or stressful especially if the woman is still recovering from tummy tuck surgery. Although women may feel anxious, they have to relax and know that their body will still continue to go through the healing process even if they are pregnant.

There are also some women who still wish to get pregnant in the future but wish to get the tummy tuck procedure done now. This is the case when women who lost a lot of weight need the surgery to remove all the excess skin but are not closing their doors to pregnancy in the future. The tummy tuck surgery can still be done successfully. In this case, the patient should inform the surgeon about her plans for future pregnancy so that the muscles will not be repaired or worked on intensively. This helps the body to better accommodate the future baby.

With any kind of surgery, it is best to talk to surgeons about all your concerns. This helps make sure they are able to taper the surgery in accordance to your specific situation or goal. Being able to communicate well with the surgeon is a huge factor in achieving results that you need and love.









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