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Location of the tummy tuck scar

Before choosing to do a tummy tuck, one of the main concerns of patients is how big the scar will be and where it will be located. When it comes to the location of the tummy tuck scar, the surgeon marks the scar as low as possible so that it is less noticeable and you can even cover the scar in a bikini.
However, even though the scar is meant to be low, some patients may have it lower than others. This is determined by the following factors:


  1. The skin condition and amount of excess skin
  2. The distance of the belly button to the lower portion of your abdomen where the scar is going to be located
  3. If your skin is very loose that means that your skin can stretch more. The more your skin is able to stretch, the lower the location of the tummy tuck scar is going to be. When we close the incision on the abdomen, the top part of the skin and the lower part of the skin are brought together. You will notice there are two vectors in your scar, one going down and one going up. Because of the skin’s elasticity, the scar will lift to some extent when it feels the tension in the closure of the incision. In other words, if your skin is more elastic then there is more skin from the top, making it possible to position the tummy tuck scar lower.

On the other hand, if you have a very tight skin then the skin is going to resist being stretched. When this happens, the closure will make your tummy tuck scar higher.

Now another thing that you need to consider is the distance between your bellybutton and the lower part of your abdomen. The longer the distance is, the higher your scar will be. The reason for this is because as I mentioned in previous videos, the tummy tuck involves cutting the skin below the bellybutton. The longer the distance between the point where we have to suture down from the abdomen to the lower part of the abdomen, the more tension there is going to be. The tension causes your tummy tuck scar to rise.

Therefore, you will certainly have scarring after a tummy tuck. It is only a matter of how high or low will the scar be, which depends on the two factors aforementioned. Fortunately, you will be able to hide the tummy tuck scar with your bikini or underwear after surgery.

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