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How Do I Look After A Tummy Tuck?

Even if you work on your midsection through extensive exercises, there is still a chance that it won’t appear as tight as you want it to be. The muscles may already be toned, but if there is significant excess skin and fat, it will make your tummy feel and look undesirable. A remedy for this is to have a tummy tuck done.

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure meant to provide patients with a more toned tummy. This procedure involves having skin and fat removed to tighten the appearance of the abdomen. Most patients who undergo a tummy tuck are those who experienced massive weight loss because they have lots of loose skin and fat around their midsection. It is also common for women who have gone through a pregnancy and simply want to get rid of the excess skin in this area.

Seeing the results of your tummy tuck can be very exciting, but don’t expect to see it right away. The new look that you are hoping for won’t be available for you to see until you have completely recovered from the surgery. There will still be a lot of swelling, especially after the surgery. Don’t get disheartened because the swelling will eventually subside. Apart from the swelling, there may also be some bruising over the tummy area. You may see patches in different colors, but you don’t have to worry because these will also disappear as you recover from the surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with a support garment that you are required to wear for a certain period after the surgery. This will help control the swelling and also provide the compression to help you heal better and faster.

One major concern most patients have is that whether they will have visible scarring after the surgery. Of course it is expected to have scars with this kind of surgery, but surgeons will strategically place them to ensure that they are not visible and are kept hidden. You should be able to confidently wear swimming trunks or a bikini. Some patients tend to panic after seeing their scars after the surgery, but you have to remember that it will eventually look better as the healing takes place.

On the other hand, there is also a possibility that there would be a scar on the belly button since the incision is done there, which causes patients to be concerned about how the belly button will look like. It is a valid concern because there are others who have a fake looking belly button after the surgery, but basically the final appearance of your belly button will depend on how good the surgeon is on reconstructing it. This is why it is important to find a trusted and qualified surgeon whom you trust. You should also talk to the surgeon and clear out this concern before the surgery, in order to prevent any dissatisfaction on your part. Taking these precautions may help prevent you from eventually getting a revision umbilicoplasty (a procedure that corrects scarred belly buttons).

In case you are really unhappy with the scars you get, there are things that can be done to minimize it. There are a lot of products in the market that you can use topically, whereas some opt for injectable solutions or even a scar revision surgery to help lessen the degree of scarring.

The results of your new tight tummy should be permanent. especially if you know how to take care of yourself properly. However, getting pregnant or gaining lots of weight can cause you to revert back or negatively affect your tummy. So for those who are still not done with bearing children, it is advised to hold off on taking the tummy tuck and just have it when you are already done expanding the family.









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