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Medication prescribed after the hourglass tummy tuck

Medication prescribed after the hourglass tummy tuck


The hourglass tummy tuck is a state-of-the-art plastic surgery procedure that was developed with the aim of creating not only a beautiful and firm abdominal area but an alluring shape of the body as a whole. The procedure is a representation of the idea of using plastic surgery to enhance the body and not just one area of the body.

When the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, the plastic surgeon will address the abdominal wall and the flanks with liposuction, then use the fat collected for fat grafting to the hips, aside from the usual tummy tuck techniques. The procedure is recommended for patients who want to get rid of unwanted adipose deposits on the flanks and tummy that are resistant to diets and exercising and increase the volume of the hips for a more curvaceous silhouette.

The hourglass body is defined by similar dimensions of the bust and hips and a waist that has a circumference at least 15-20% smaller than the hips. Nowadays due to a hectic lifestyle and even genetic predisposition, there are very few women who can be proud of their natural hourglass figure. This is the reason why the hourglass tummy tuck procedure is so popular and in demand.

While the procedure is performed for mostly cosmetic purposes, the procedure is a complex one, and the patient must be prepared for a recovery period of about two weeks.

After the hourglass tummy tuck is performed, the patient is free to leave the medical facility or hospital after a few hours, if no complications occur. But upon the return home, there is a recommendation to take the medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon to ensure a fast and smooth recovery period.

To avoid the risk of developing an infection post-op, an experienced plastic surgeon will prescribe antibiotics. The antibiotics don’t have a curative purpose here, but a preventive one. It is better to prevent an infection from occurring after the hourglass tummy tuck than treat it after it has happened as this might delay the healing process considerably. The antibiotics treatment often lasts for five days, and it is important to take the pills according to the doctor’s advice.

Aside from the antibiotics, the plastic surgeon will also prescribe pain medication. Because the procedure is a rather complex one targeting multiple areas of the body and different types of tissues, the recovery period can be associated with a certain level of discomfort and pain. The pain often lasts no longer than a few days post-op, if the patient is dedicated to following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter. To alleviate the pain and discomfort, the plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication such as simple analgesics, but if you know you have a low tolerance to pain, discuss this with your plastic surgeon as he might prescribe a stronger pill.  Again, it is important to take the medication according to the advice of the plastic surgeon.









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