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The day before my hourglass tummy tuck

The day before my hourglass tummy tuck


Patients who want to get a firmer and flatter abdomen but also appealing curves often choose to undergo the hourglass tummy tuck. Unlike the traditional tummy tuck, the hourglass tummy tuck allows for a complete makeover of the area by targeting the waist, flanks, abdominal wall and the hips. This way, the patient can enjoy not only a flat abdomen but also a thinner waist and more voluminous hips.

When coming for the pre-operative consultation, many patients are concerned and ask a lot of questions about the results and the recovery period, and this is a very good idea. However, it is just as important to know how to prepare for the hourglass tummy tuck to ensure we have a fast recovery process and no complications.

The month before the hourglass tummy tuck is a preparation time for the patient. During this time, there are certain recommendations that should be followed such as quitting smoking at least three weeks in advance, stopping birth control medication, and avoiding anti-inflammatory medication at least two weeks before the procedure. It is also important for the patient to have a balanced and healthy eating regimen during this time. This means that overeating and strict diets should certainly be avoided as they might affect the duration of the healing process.  Generally speaking, the body should be in top condition before the surgery is performed.

The day before the hourglass tummy tuck is the time when the patient needs to make sure all preparations are made. A checklist for the day before the tummy tuck surgery should include:

–    Confirm once again with the person who is supposed to drive you to the clinic and pick you up afterwards as you won’t be able to drive yourself

–    Confirm you have someone to help you around the house for at least 24 to 72 hours after the surgery

–    Make sure you didn’t take any medication that was not approved by the plastic surgeon over the last two weeks

–    Drink plenty of water

–    Have small meals and choose foods rich in fiber to avoid constipation after the procedure

–    Don’t eat anything heavy in the evening and stay away from food and drinks for about eight hours before the procedure is scheduled.

–    Talk to your friends and family members and remind them what to expect upon your return home as the plastic surgeon has instructed you.

–    Make sure you have enough food, drinks, and entertainment for the first few days post-op.

–    Make sure you have ice packs that you can use on your incisions to reduce the post-op swelling.

–    Take time to rest and clear your head. Read a bit or watch a movie.








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