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When is the hourglass tummy tuck recommended?

When is the hourglass tummy tuck recommended?


The hourglass tummy tuck has reached a certain celebrity status due to the spectacular aesthetic results that it delivers. But just like the traditional tummy tuck, it is not only about aesthetics, but also the functional improvement that it brings in many patients having an increased quality of life after the procedure.

With aging and due to the effects of different factors, the shape of the body suffers changes not for the best, and the same is valid for the abdominal wall. Due to the elastic production that is normal with the aging process, the skin loses tonus and becomes saggy. Moreover, when the muscles of the abdominal wall have been distended during pregnancy, the appearance of the belly will always be protruding and not flat and firm like most patients would want them to be.

So, when is the hourglass tummy tuck recommended?

–    After pregnancy

The hourglass tummy tuck is advised after one or multiple pregnancies because the procedure can correct the imperfections that can occur on the midline during pregnancy and also improve the overall shape of the body considerably. Most women who give birth to big babies, twins or have had multiple pregnancies are now confronted with what we call in medical terms diastasis recti. This is a condition that affects the muscles of the abdominal wall, the same ones forming the six-pack that is so sought after. What happens during pregnancy is that these muscles can get separated and a gap occurs between them. After giving birth, it is rare for this gap to disappear on its own, so plastic surgery is needed. More than correcting the loose abdominal muscles, the hourglass tummy tuck will also get rid of unwanted fat deposits that might be left on the flanks and make your hips more alluring by using fat transfer.

–    After weight loss

While weight loss can bring multiple benefits to people who used to be overweight, it doesn’t necessarily enhance the appearance of the body as it often leaves behind saggy skin that is not very pleasing to look at. The hourglass tummy tuck can be performed on patients who have suffered weight fluctuations and are left with unwanted adipose deposits on the midline and also have narrow hips.

–    After a certain age

With aging, the body changes. Skin can start sagging, the muscles get relaxed, and the overall appearance of the body changes. The hourglass tummy tuck can improve the appearance of your body considerably even if you are after a certain age. Plenty of women over 45 undergo the procedure to discover that they too can have an hourglass shape that is so desired nowadays and a real symbol of femininity. The procedure will add volume to your hips aside from eliminating the unwanted fat deposits and excess skin tissue on the tummy.









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