The Perfect Shape - Hourglass Tummy Tuck
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The Perfect Shape

Tummy tuck procedures are an increasingly popular surgery option in the cosmetic industry for people wishing to turn back the clock and get that washboard abs! Within a few hours of surgery, you can get rid of the excess skin and fat those have been plaghuing your abs for years, and finally be able to wear the clothes you want! But what about the rest of your body? Will the results of a tummy tuck look natural and smooth? The hourglass tummy tuck by Dr Cortes can give you not only the flat stomach of your dreams, but change you entire shape!

A traditional or mini tummy tuck – whichever you decide to have involves an incision being made in the bikini line, and your skin pulled tautly down. You end up with a flirt stomach, smoother skin, and nice side profile view. But sometimes this very flat stomach can look unnatural, or too think even, if the rest of your body doesn’t quite match up or fill out right. An hourglass tummy tuck however is the solution. With this procedure, you don’t have just a tummy tuck; you have a complete core makeover.

If you have a tummy tuck but still have love handles or a ‘muffin top ‘ that spills out over your jeans, then your problem isn’t completely gone. By combining the tuck with liposuction, you can achieve a balanced, natural look.

If you have a tummy tuck done, but do not have enough curves on your hips or thighs, you may look too stick figure like, or top heavy. In this case, your lower body can be filled out with fat injections to achieve a great look.

Whatever your decision, an hourglass tummy tuck can give your tummy tuck that extra so etching that will make your figure look amazing, concentrating on your body as a whole instead if just one area.
It can also keep the need to have multiple surgeries done away. Trust Dr. Cortes with his vast knowledge and experience to give you the beautiful, curvy body and slender body if your dreams!








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